Tiger Eye Gold Tumbled Stone


This single stone with warm, radiant color is a symbol of courage and integrity


Why We Love This

Tiger eye, or Tiger’s eye, is a type of quartz known for its shimmering layers of gold and brown that create an optical reflection like that of eyes. As a talisman, it was believed to be an ìall-seeing and all-knowing eyeî and the wearer was given the clarity to witness everything. This stone can be used on a home altar, carried in a pocket, or just admired as an object.


Throughout history, tiger-eye gold was believed to be a stone of good fortune and prosperity. Usually made up of two colors, gold and brown, the ancient Egyptians believed tiger’s eye provides the combined protection of the earth and sun. Healing stone practitioners believe it encourages a balance between the spiritual and physical. By calling attention to opposing forces, it’s said to bring a better understanding of cause and effect and promote more compassionate decision-making. Tiger eye is also believed to sharpen inner vision, which can help support life changes by strengthening will and clarifying intention. Note that crystal practitioners use crystals for specific purposes. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions.

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Weight 8.0 oz
Dimensions 1 in



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