Traditional Smudge Turkey Feather


A naturally molted turkey feather to use in smudging rituals


Why We Love This

In the traditions of indigenous cultures of North America, feathers are considered sacred gifts from the sky. This naturally molted turkey feather, with its intrinsically artful shape and patterns, makes a beautiful and practical accessory to a smudging ritual as if fans fragrant, energy-clearing smoke through the air.


In Native American cultures, birds are highly symbolic. It is believed that the feather possesses the spirit qualities of a creature in flight, that it is the breath of life as well as a connection between the heavens and mother earth. Because of the way feathers are naturally constructed, they have, mystics say, the ability to comb through a person’s energy blockages, literally fanning them away. Bird feathers, especially large ones, such as those from a turkey, are traditionally used in smudging rituals, the ancient ritual cleansing of the mind, body and spirit. During a smudging ceremony, the smoke is typically fanned over the person or the space that is being cleansed or blessed.

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