Transforming Sexuality : The Archetypal World of Anima and Animus


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For your most intimate and significant relationship with the opposite sex, look within yourself‚Ä∞√õ√ìtoanima and animus, the archetypal symbols that define and celebrate the presence of the Feminine in men and the Masculine in women. These compelling figures express inner realities of psyche and spirit with which we all must grapple in putting together the pieces of our individual identities‚Ä∞√õ√ìwhether we are married or single, sexually active or celibate, heterosexual or homosexual. They ultimately provide a bridge between the ego and the deepest Self, opening the way to profound self-knowledge and spiritual transformation. The authors use their broad backgrounds in psychology, theology, philosophy, and the arts to follow the archetypes from clinical practice into a fascinating range of cultural manifestations, particularly in the world’s great literature‚Ä∞√õ√ìfrom Dante to Pasternak‚Ä∞√õ√ìmaking this book the most wide-ranging study to date of these central concepts in Jungian psychology.

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