Traveling : An Accidental Expert’s How to Leave Your Body Handbook


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Lucid dreaming, astral projection, out-of-body experiences… There is much philosophical baggage implicit in these terms, but in this refreshing and humorous book Alan Guiden casts it all aside to present the most intelligible guide to ‚Äútraveling‚Äù outside the body that has yet appeared in print.

An accidental adept at “traveling” since his childhood, Guiden shares his techniques and tricks for falling asleep without relinquishing control, transferring our consciousness from the sleeping physical to the non-physical body. Breaking down the process into seven clear steps, he also provides invaluable advice on the crucial differences between physical experience and non-physical ‚Äútravel‚Äù, plus guidance on successful interaction with the denizens of the non-physical world. Guiden writes in a wry and humorous style, demonstrating firsthand the playful mental attitude required of us to become a successful ‚Äútraveler‚Äù. This book will prove a fascinating and invaluable guide to anyone interested in learning the secrets of non-physical experience from a naturally-talented master.

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