Truth About Teutonic Magick

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Discover the incredible storehouse of power available in the faith, symbols, and practice of one of the world’s great magickal traditions, when you readThe Truth About Teutonic Magick by Edred Thorsson.

The deep secrets and great truths about how the Teutons practiced their troth and magick in days of yoreand how the Teutonic faith lives on todayis explored inThe Truth About Teutonic Magick. Thorsson, a world-famous author and expert on northern European traditions and magick, has dedicated over 20 years to studying all aspects of the Teutonic magickal and religious tradition. He brings the fruit of that knowledge to you in this book.

The Truth About Teutonic Magick penetrates the mysteries of the two great traditions of Teutonicor Germanicmagick: the practice of traveling to other dimensions and the system of magickal symbolism called the runes.The Truth About Teutonic Magick is a clear, fascinating introduction to Teutonic magick, covering:

̴ÌÁThe key deities of Teutonic religion: Woden, Freya, Thor, Frigga, and others
̴ÌÁThe divine realms and Yggdrasill
̴ÌÁThe 24 runesa magickal map of the cosmos and human consciousness
̴ÌÁThe use of runic ritual for magickal and divinatory purposes
̴ÌÁSeidhr: the shamanic practice of traveling to other dimensions
̴ÌÁRituals of Teutonic magick: hallowing, blessing, drinking, rede, giving, and more
̴ÌÁThe sacred cycle of the year
̴ÌÁThe Faustian tradition and Saturnian magick

If you want to discover the source of one of the most powerful magickal systems around (perhaps, reaching back to your own heritage), you should getThe Truth About Teutonic Magick.

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