Tsubota Handmade Leather Covered Lighter


Japanese lighter with leather cover


Why We Love This

Tsubota Pearl lighters are all about the impeccable design and details. The Tokyo-based, family-run brand uses fine leather to cover these handmade metal lighters. Tsubota Pearl has been producing high quality lighters since 1952.


This fine metal lighter is designed for adventure travel as well as every day indulgence. Tsubota Pearl is based on innovation, from its first aluminum cigarette case to super slim pocket lighters and cigar accessories. Handmade in Tokyo, Japan, a Tsubota Pearl lighter is quality design that reaches back three generations. Focusing on innovation, Tsubota Pearl personifies the care and precision of a family business. The materials are always of the highest quality and their components are proprietary and usually patented.

About the Maker

The heritage of Tsubota Pearl dates back to post WWII Japan. After Hiroshi Tsubota founded the company in Tokyo with the production of aluminum cigarette cases and pocket lighters, he began to explore unorthodox elements, including pearl inlays, unconventional colors, and leather not seen in the lighters of the day. Tsubota Pearl continues to push the limits of form and functionality, introducing fresh innovations whenever possible. Still handcrafted in Tokyo, they produce some of the most stylish, dependable lighters on the market today.

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Weight 2.9 oz
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