Tura Sugden Caramel Tourmaline Solitaire Ring


An 18k gold band with a yellow oblong tourmaline in a hand-fabricated setting, size 6


Why We Love This

This 18k yellow gold lightweight band features a vibrant yellow chrome tourmaline inspired by caramel tones. Stack, or wear on its own.


One of the many reasons tourmalines are so popular is the vibrant colors they come in, such as this yellow chrome. They also come in rare shades such as deep green and Paraiba blue. Extremely durable and long lasting, these stones are said to have healing and balancing energies that can cleanse the mind, body and soul. Tura Sugden sets these natural stones in hand-fabricated settings using recycled 18k yellow gold.

About the Maker

A classically trained fine artist with a BFA in Sculpture, Tura Sugden is a jewelry designer who makes unique and intricate settings that combine recycled gold, ethically sourced diamonds and natural stones. Every piece is produced by hand. As an apprentice, Tura Sugden learned to use a traditional German blowpipe for goldworking, which she still uses today. All of her pieces are inspired by light, shadow and the changing seasons of San Francisco.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 oz




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