Tura Sugden Diamond Solitaire Marquis Ring


An 18k yellow gold band featuring a champagne marquis diamond, size 6


Why We Love This

This solitaire diamond ring consists of a marquis diamond in a hand-fabricated setting placed onto a gold band. Inspired by spring cherry blossoms, this ring is a future heirloom waiting to happen. We love the antique charm and modern feel, whether engaged or not.


Every diamond has its own story. The Marquise Brilliant cut, also known as the “Navette” shaped diamond, meaning “little boat,” first appeared in the City of Love itself, as King Louis XV commissioned his jeweler to create a diamond that was as beautiful as the smile of his mistress, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour. Though its shape has been modified throughout the centuries, the initial cut of the uniquely oval-shaped jewel remains the same. It maximizes carat weight and makes a diamond appear larger than other stones of the same size. Tura Sugden uses recycled 18k gold with natural stones, ethically sourced diamonds and a distinctive approach to stone setting.

About the Maker

A classically trained fine artist with a BFA in Sculpture, Tura Sugden is a jewelry designer who makes unique and intricate settings that combine recycled gold, ethically sourced diamonds and natural stones. Every piece is produced by hand. As an apprentice, Tura Sugden learned to use a traditional German blowpipe for goldworking, which she still uses today. All of her pieces are inspired by light, shadow and the changing seasons of San Francisco.

Additional information

Weight 16.0 oz




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