Universe Bowl in Dark Glaze with Blue

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Handcrafted, dark glazed ceramic bowl, available in three sizes


Why We Love This

Like every human being on the planet, every Universe Bowl is supremely unique. Each piece is fired with glass at the bottom to create the design. We love that It’s meant to protect and bless all of the important and cherished items it holds and bring strength and power into one’s home.


Every piece crafted by artist Ivy Weinglass possesses its own unique energy and personality. Her art reflects the complex and fragile human conditionóincluding its imperfections, propensity for errors and, in many cases, its mysteriousness. The shape and color of Weinglass’s work varies from piece to piece, but the preciousness of each one remains constant. This one-of-a-kind bowl will elevate the beauty and mood of any table, shelf or altar, breathing its spirit into any room. It’s also the perfect safe spot to hold precious items like jewelry and crystals.

About the Maker

IIIVVVYYY Ceramics are handmade by Ivy Weinglass, an artist, stylist, set designer and production designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Through her IIIVVVYYY line, she creates, among other things, beautiful ceramics, quilts made from vintage bandanas, embroidered tees, sweatshirts, vintage jean jackets and leather hair wraps.

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