Venus Signs : Discover Your Erotic Gifts and Secret Desires Through Astrology


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Use the wisdom of your Venus sign to create, laugh, and love with irresistible confidence. For millennia, Venus sauntered through the history books with unrivaled self-possession and sexual self-confidence. Yet many women today long for connection with the very aspects of their inner selves that Venus represents: pleasure, joy, self-worth, sexual vitality, and eroticism. In Venus Signs, Jessica Shepherd breathes life back into the Goddess.

Whether you’re recovering from heartbreak or could use a jolt of joy, beauty, and truth about who you truly are, Venus power will help you get in touch with your innermost desires and your sensual self. Discover the must-have qualities of your soulmate, how to keep a long-term relationship happily humming along, how to align with your own feminine energy, and how to draw your deepest heart’s desires toward you. Use the tools in this book to gain insights into your significant other and support your friends and loved ones.

Praise for Venus Signs:

“[A]n ideal entry point for those looking to delve a litte deeper into astrology beyond Sun-Signs.” ‚ÄîDell Horoscope

“Jessica Shepherd has done it again. I heartily recommend Venus Signs to anyone who loves astrology‚Äîor, simply, to anyone who loves at all.”‚ÄîSteven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky, Yesterday’s Sky and The Book of the Moon

“Jessica left me feeling known, understood, appreciated and loved, just what you’d expect to find in a real cosmic caress from Venus herself. This is the ultimate self-worth booster. Loved it!”‚ÄîNeil D. Paris, author of Surfing Your Solar Cycles: A Lifetime Guide to Your Stars

Venus Signs will get you in touch with what generates and sustains your pleasure and happiness, both in lifestyle and in relationships. By defining the influence of Venus through the looking glass of the Zodiac, Jessica sheds light on how the essential qualities of love and attraction are best fulfilled within us and within those whom we love and treasure.”‚ÄîAnnie Bones, author of Celestial Forecaster

“In the context of astrology, Jessica encourages us to embrace our “inner Venus,” according to our sign, bringing forth the sensual feminine, artistic vixen, relationship artist that swirls inside, waiting.”‚ÄîCyndi Dale, author of The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy

“Jessica has a gift for weaving together many intricate details into a powerful archetypal synthesis that is accessible and deep.”‚ÄîSherene Vismaya Schostak, author of Surviving Saturn Return

“Reading about yourself in a good Venus book (something even seasoned astrologers love to do) should feel both pleasurable and startling‚Äîas though the author had been reading the diary of your secret thoughts. Jessica Shepherd has such a gift, seeming to know from the inside out just how it feels to have each Venus‚Äîand how it feels be in a relationship with each Venus sign. A wise and soulful coach, Jessica lights the way towards each sign‚Äôs most evolved (and happiest) expression. Her prose is fresh, supple and seductive, as though it was Venus herself who’d been doing the typing.”‚ÄîDana Gerhardt, columnist with The Mountain Astrologer

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