Vintage Brass Bowl

Vintage brass bowls direct from India


Why We Love This

These bowls, handmade by village artisans in India, are stunning, golden objects. In a range of sizes—from a 3” finger bowl to a large 9 ¼” vessel—and a variety of shapes, their rich tones work well alone or as a collection. They’re safe for serving non-acidic foods, but they’re also perfect just for decoration.


Use, give or keep these timeless bowls. Each is made with traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation that define family structure and work ethic. Brass, a typically recycled metal alloy, is forged and hammered into gracefully curved shapes with lustrous, polished surfaces. Spiritually, brass has long been believed to encourage natural, inner truth and promote innate goodness. Simple and durable enough for the everyday, they’re also precious enough to be used for making an occasion special.

About the Maker

Village to village in every region of India, Auntie Oti seeks essential articles for a meaningful lifestyle. All goods, whether home wares or clothing, are handmade by skilled artisan—forgers, dyers, weavers—born into a tradition of community-based textile production. Everything, from bowls to shawls, show an attention to detail from materials to craftsmanship not found in mass production. No two pieces are alike, which only makes them more special.

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Weight 32 oz

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