Viridian Bodhisattva Paperweight

A little iron statue to bring more mindfulness to the everyday


Why We Love This

Whether used as a paperweight, an altarpiece, or amid indoor plants or out in the garden, this small figurine is a reminder to practice mindfulness. Handmade from cast iron by Japanese artisans, this timeless object, available in three finishes of black, grey or gold, has modern appeal as a decorative accent.


The figure of a Bodhisattva represents a being set upon a journey of enlightenment. Bodhi means ìa spiritual awakening or enlightenmentî and Sattva means ìa being or spirit.î This paperweight can also be used as a devotional object during meditation or prayer. Known to help bring about a greater depth of mindfulness in the everyday, this serene, standing, praying figure is made from the ancient methods of iron casting. Regarded for its precision-made quality and beauty, ironware has been produced in Japan for more than 400 years. Crafted in Japan by skilled artisans, the attention to detail ensures the highest quality. Each paperweight measures 3.875î height x 1.5î depth.

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Weight 20.8 oz

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