VitaJuwel Handblown Gemstone Crystal Water Infuser Phiolino

A portable infuser with amethyst, garnet and quartz crystals, designed to vitalize wine or water

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Why We Love This

This teardrop-shaped glass wand is a portable infuser filled with amethyst, believed to soothe and motivate, garnet, a stone of passion, and granules of quartz. It is thought that by placing the wand in a container of water or wine for 10 minutes, the liquid becomes infused with these qualities. Sized for a single serving, it is meant for traveling and going to restaurants.


The Phiolino glass vial embodies the philosophy of healthy water makes a healthy life anywhere we go. Since ancient times, gems have been used to infuse water with natural properties and a clean taste. In ancient Greece, wine was treated with amethysts. VitaJuwel uses premium, lead-free glass shaped by a master glassblower in Bohemia to create each sealed vial. Inside is a blend of fair-trade gemstones, hand-selected with care and expertise. The maker considers gem vials to be “jewelry for water” with each blend designed to create specific reactions with the water. Wash by hand. Note that crystal practitioners use crystals for specific purposes. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions.

About the Maker

Committed to purifying and vitalizing water naturally, Ewald Eisen founded VitaJuwel. Eisen’s vision is to prepare healthy water without the use of artificial, chemical or mechanical processes, and rely only upon the energy of nature. After extensive research and design, he invented the gem vial system of water purification, where crystals and gemstones are sealed in glass vials and placed in water. Now his two sons help him run the family business based in southern Germany.

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