Vow : The Way of the Milagro

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A milagro (Spanish miracle) is a small metal replica of anything representing a human concern- a heart, a house, a pair of eyes. An ancient and cross-cultural phenomenon, these folk art talismans are most familiar in New Mexico and the Southwest, but their popularity has spread. Alternative spirituality devotees everywhere have started to wear, carry, or place milagros on their personal altars. Vow: The Way of the Milagro invites readers to contemplate the essential questions of commitment, devotion, and relationship with spirit. Whether used for marking rites of passage or embarking on spiritual quests, milagros appeal to the mystery that sways our fate. Illustrated with twenty-five original color photos of these spiritually-imbued objects,Vow creates a contemplative space readers will return to time and again as they seek the courage to remain on their chosen spiritual paths and find the sacred in everyday life.

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