Voyagers : The Sleeping Abductees


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Ashayana Deane has been personally trained by the Guardian Alliance to bring to Earth the new (but ancient) science of Keylonta-the science of light, sound, subconscious symbol codes and base codes of matter. Volume I of The Voyagers series provides the background you need to understand the true nature of reality and the seriousness of the position that Earth is in at this moment. In this volume you will learn about… – The Administrative levels of the Emerald Order Melchizadek Cloister – The benevolent Guardians and the self-interested Intruders – True human origins and the on-going Hybridization Program – The plight of the Zeta Reticuli, and their plans for Earth – Keylontic Science-the science of dimensional reality – The role of awareness, emotion and intuition – Exercises to raise your frequency and prepare for changes

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