Warrior King of Shambhala : Remembering Chogyam Trungpa

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A pioneer in introducing Tibetan Buddhism to the West, Chogyam Trungpa is also one of its most controversial figures. Born in Tibet and trained in the traditional manner, he arrived in the U.S. in 1970, a time when there was virtually no knowledge of Buddhism in the general culture. He defied notions of how a holy man should act. Dressing in Western clothing and at times exhibiting unconventional behavior, his “crazy wisdom” made him a magnet for a generation of spiritual seekers. One of those seekers was Jeremy Hayward. This intimate memoir begins with their first meeting in 1970, then progresses year by year until Trungpa‚Äôs death and beyond. Hayward vividly describes Trungpa‚Äôs powerful, direct way of working with students, his groundbreaking work in bringing Buddhism to the West, and the teachings Trungpa presented each year. He also describes his own personal spiritual journey with Chogyam Trungpa as a guide.

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