Wax Seal Kit

Sealing wax kit available in six different designs


Why We Love This

One-part brainy geek, one-part vintage, we love the symbols on each of these Wax Seal Kits. Anatomically themed with hearts, brains, skulls and DNA, or more celestial moods of moons and the planet earth, these stamps offer up a cool way to express our true selves on themed invitations or special letters to friends and family.


A wax seal on a letter was once used as proof of authenticityóa signature of sorts to evidence that the sender was truly who he or she claimed to be. Science obsessed, the makers of these Wax Seal Kits have captured their curiosity for the world and all of its beauty in the etchings on these stamps. Every kit comes in a kraft box with a single stick of traditional red malleable sealing wax with a wick for quick and easy use. Each stick of wax will seal with love between eight and 12 envelopes.

About the Maker

Inspired by a sense of wonder for the universe, the Cognitive Surplus team has replicated the beauty and magic of physics, the night sky, our anatomy, and all things scientific through their etchings and illustrations. Kristen and Geoff Zephryus started their designs in their New York City apartment. Eventually, they outgrew their space and opened up shop in the Pacific Northwest, where they do their best to use sustainable materials and to source and produce locally.

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Weight 8 oz

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