Way of the Owl : Succeeding With Integrity in a Conflicted World


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Conflict is woven into the fabric of all of our lives, both in business and in our personal relationships. Using the owl as a model for how to handle conflict, martial arts expert and naturalist Frank Rivers shows how each of us can meet life’s diverse challenges with equanimity and effectiveness.
Masters of flight and adaptation, owls combine power and intelligence with grace and beauty. They are capable of perfect stillness as well as decisive action: neither hawk nor dove, owls know when to fight and when to give ground. No matter the situation, they are acutely aware of constantly changing circumstances and remain capable of developing new strategies as fresh challenges arise.
The Way of the Owl shows readers how to use these strategies to find a perfect balance between passivity and aggression, perform effectively in complex situations, and thrive in the face of conflict in both our personal and our professional lives. Inspired in part by ancient martial arts techniques, The Way of the Owl offers vital wisdom that can transform anyone into a graceful and reflective conflict artist.

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