Wilcoxson Brooklyn Handmade Ceramic Vase

A medium-sized handmade porcelain vase


Why We Love This

This medium-sized vase looks like it is made from paper, but is porcelain and is designed to hold something green or colorful in water. It’s also ideal for pencils and pens or cosmetic tools. It’s designed by Kevin Wilcoxson of Wilcoxson Brooklyn Ceramics in the Mingei, or folk art style of Japanese ceramics.


Mingei is a Japanese folk art movement developed in the late 1920s and 1930s. Its founding father was Yanagi Soetsu, known for discovering and appreciating the beauty in everyday objects made by unknown craftsmen. These historic Japanese materials and glazing methods are turned into an industrial, modern object here. A sheet of porcelain is rolled into a cylindrical shape with an exposed seam and a hand-wrought indentation. Individually built, glazed, fired and signed by the artist, no two pieces of Wilcoxson Brooklyn Ceramics are exactly alike.

About the Maker

Kevin Wilcoxson, artist and founder of Wilcoxson Brooklyn Ceramics in Brooklyn, New York, Is inspired by the simple utilitarianism of Mingei, or folk art style of Japanese ceramics. He designed his own porcelain molding process to bring together age-old materials with modern forms and functions. Each handmade, individually signed piece has a signature overlapping edge. Food-safe, oven-safe and dishwasher-safe, this practical porcelain tableware can be used daily. No toxic chemicals or dyes are used in his process.

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Weight 8 oz





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