Witch’s Book of Dreams : Understanding the Power of Dreams & Symbols

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Weave a Spell of Dream Magick

Inform your magick and creativity with true consciousness by incorporating the wisdom of your dreams into your waking life.

A Witch’s Book of Dreams will guide you through the fascinating process of understanding your dream symbols and interpreting their meaning intuitively. You’ll discover the function of myth and archetypes, the necessity of facing your shadow, and the way to find your inner soul twin. You’ll also learn how to:

̴ÌÁCreate a dream journal and personal dream dictionary ̴Ì_
̴ÌÁUse dream symbols to heal
̴ÌÁCast a dream spell
̴ÌÁ Understand the message of nightmares
̴ÌÁ Use magickal correspondences in dream interpretation

With an extensive Witch’s Dream Dictionary to help you get started, you can begin immediately to weave the energy and power of your dreams into the fabric of your days.

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