Witch’s Travel Guide to Astral Realms

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‰ÛÏThis is THE BEST book I have ever read on the subject.‰_
‰ÛÓSilver RavenWolf, author of To Ride a Silver Broomstick

The astral realms are a source of unlimited power for working magick, contacting guides, visiting past lives, even healing yourself and others. In this remarkable volume, popular author D.J. Conway shows in clear and accessible terms how astral projection can be cultivated to enhance both your spiritual and daily life.

Astral travel is already part of your psychic makeup‰ÛÓyou do it every night in your dreams. The key is learning to remember and consciously direct your astral travels. This complete how-to guidebook on astral projection includes historical lore, a foundation of astral realm basics, and a simplified learning process to get you ‰ÛÏoff the ground.‰_ You‰_ll learn easy exercises to strengthen your astral abilities as well as a variety of advanced techniques‰ÛÓincluding bilocation and time travel.

A Witch‰_s Travel Guide to Astral Realms (the eagerly awaited, newly updated re-issue of Conway‰_sFlying Without a Broom) far exceeds the scope of most books on astral projection. From tips on visiting with a wizard to finding the hall of a thousand doors, D.J. Conway makes this powerful practice accessible to you‰ÛÓno broom required!


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