Worlds of Transformation : Tibetan Art of Wisdom and Compassion

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Tibet’s sacred paintings are among the most marvelous creations of the human spirit, eye, and hand, a fascinating part of the great tapestry of the history of world civilizations. Arising from the Buddhist enlightenment movement, this art seeks not only to delight the viewer, but also to move and inspire the heart and spirit of the human being who seeks a deeper meaning for life and a higher future for all humanity. Worlds of Transformation furthers our understanding of this art, opening our imagination to the limitless transformative possibilities of life itself.
In Worlds of Transformation, Marylin M. Rhie and Robert A. F. Thurman study two hundred superb Tibetan tangka icon paintings, most never before published. These are lucidly explained, giving the history of the paintings and their creators, revealing their stylistic sophistication and variety, and offering insight into their transformative imagery.

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