Year of Living Happily : Week-by-week Activities to Unlock the Secrets to a Happier Way of Being


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Experience a year of discovering how to swap worry and anxiety for joy and contentment using this guidebook of weekly prompts and activities.

Happiness is sought by all‚Äîbut what, really, is happiness? Sometimes our confusion over just what it is we are looking for is what can make it seem so elusive. Here, Lois Blyth explains what happiness is‚Äîand what it is not‚Äîand shows how it is within reach of everyone. She details the science of happiness, such as developing a happy brain, and its power to heal and even extend life. Then, she suggests simple activities for each week of the year that will help you reframe your view of the world. Some will lead you to self-reflection: look at what you’re grateful for; increase your self-esteem and appreciate your uniqueness; become aware of your thoughts and language to note negative phrases and replace them with positive ones; tackle procrastination; and find happiness at work. Others encourage you to give back to the world, including a ‚Äúgood deeds pledge‚Äù and developing a greater empathy for those around you. Spend a week living in the moment and exploring the wonder of the world through all your senses, experience the healing power of color, or try incorporating more exercise into each day, no matter how small, as being active is a key way to improve mental well-being.

Taking on each activity for just a week at a time makes it seems much less challenging, but also, once you’ve spent seven days consciously doing something new or thinking in a different way, you’ll find that week’s activity starts to become a habit. Journal pages with friendly reminders follow each activity so that you can reflect on your experience and what you are discovering.

Through simple shifts in approach, you can choose to be happy and love life, laugh more, and live longer.

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