Yoga Birth Method : A Step-by-Step Guide for Natural Childbirth

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Plan a childbirth that‰_s calm, natural, and self-empowered with The Yoga Birth Method. Applying the wisdom of yoga throughout the stages of pregnancy and labor, author Dorothy Guerra presents an eight-step pathway for connecting with your mind, body, and spirit from start to finish.

This easy-to-use guide will help you prepare for a positive and joyful childbirth. Learn how to manage pain, eliminate anxiety, and encourage labor progression with breathing and meditation techniques, affirmations, and yoga poses. Couples choose an intention that becomes a focal point for embracing a calm state of mind throughout the physical and emotional challenges of labor. You‰_ll also find guidance in drafting a birth plan, labor-support techniques for birth partners, helpful illustrations, information on medical intervention, and a ‰ÛÏgo to‰_ chapter with detailed advice on all stages of labor to use when the big day arrives.

‰ÛÏA beautiful mind-body-spirit approach to birth!‰_‰ÛÓPenny Simkin, PT, author ofThe Birth Partner

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