Your Life’s Purpose : Life Visioning Practices for Activating Your Highest Potential – CD/Spoken Word


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You have a great destiny waiting to emerge. The question is: Are you ready to give your consent to letting it happen? On Your Life’s Purpose, you will join the founder of the Agape Spiritual Center to learn how to apply his Life Visioning Process for identifying, activating, and delivering your gifts, talents, and skills to the world. Blending illuminating lecture, moving stories, and guided meditations, Michael Bernard Beckwith invites us to tune in to the inner calling we’ve all felt at one time or another—that sense of untapped potential or a lack of alignment between our inner and outer lives. This is the first step, he teaches, in breaking free from our self-limiting mindsets and leaping headlong into an uncharted life in sync with our divine destiny. With this power packed two-CD program, listeners will explore:

  • Right employment—how your profession can be a simultaneous expression of creativity and prosperity
  • The evolution of purpose—how to navigate the inevitable times of confusion and discontent we all experience and open to the “soul cleansing” they offer
  • Clarifying your role in the larger community on our planet and making the conscious choice to express your much needed gifts
  • A guided Life Visioning session with Michael Bernard Beckwith

Michael Beckwith, originator of the Life Visioning Process, offers a practical, accessible method anyone can use to “catch the universal insight that seeks to emerge through and as you.” Now listeners everywhere can embark on this sacred journey, with Your Life’s Purpose.

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