Zen Battles : Modern Commentary on the Teachings of Master Linji


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“One of the key tenets of the Zen school of Mahayana Buddhism is that each of us is already a Buddha — our enlightenment is inherent within us and the practice of mindfulness is the tool to bring this truth to our awareness. While it can bring much relief, this simple statement does not preclude the need for practice. We must strive to be aware of our Buddha nature rather than waiting until times of emotional upheaval when it is more difficult to practice. Thich Nhat Hanh uses the teachings of ninth century Zen Master Linji, founder of the Rinzai school, to elaborate on this simple truth and to give readers tools that can help awaken them to their true inner nature. One of the unique aspects of Linji’s teaching, is the need to “wake ourselves up,” notonly by means of listening to enlightened teachings, but also through unique techniques such as the shout, the stick, and the empty fist. The teachings of Master Linji bring readers back to reality and to simply being. Powerful, direct, and uncompromising, Thich Nhat Hanh’s reflections on the teachings of Master Lin Chi are destined to join the ranks of classic Buddhist writings. “–

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