Zen Shaolin Karate : The Complete Practice, Philosophy and History


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Kata, the preset movements forming the backbone of all karate styles, have been a source of endless confusion for the vast majority of karate students. All students learn how to perform the kata, but there has never been an effective explanation of how they are applied. Until now!
Nathan Johnson, a third-degree black belt in karate and a fourth-degree black belt in kung fu, has spent two decades on his quest to find the true meaning of kata. In Zen Shaolin Karate, Johnson explains and illustrates in precise detail every subtle movement of two of karate’s most common kata, and provides historical testimony for his explanations by integrating his findings with Zen philosophy. The author’s unique interpretations of the Nai Fuan Chin and Saam Chin kata will destroy the barriers separating karate, kung fu, and aikido, and will revolutionize how kata are applied in all karate styles.

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