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A Feng Shui Expert’s Tips for Unblocking Your Chi with Chimes

Published on August 1, 2018

Article by Deborah Kagan for Bodhi Tree

In our modern-day lives, I like to think of feng shui as acupuncture for architecture. Have back pain? Generally, the acupuncturist places needles in specific parts of your body that relate to the pain in your back versus putting needles only at the source of pain. The same concept applies to feng shui and your environment. According to this 3,000-year-old Chinese practice, the placement of specific objects will stimulate activity for a particular part of your life as well as your own energy—or chi.

Chi: The Energy Within

“In humans, chi is the spirit or vital force that carries the body,” explains feng shui consultant Sarah Rossbach, author of Interior Design With Feng Shui. Whether you call it chi, qi, prana, life force or sexual energy, it is the energy within you and around you at all times. You were born with it and it’s constantly in motion. But there are times when chi can become stagnant to the point that it feels like nothing is moving. Think about being on a freeway in rush hour traffic: There are tiny, imperceptible motions occurring, but it’s not ideal cruising speed. When you have trouble getting results in your life or feel like you’re creating a lot of output without much in return, a great way to generate movement is by placing a chime in your home.

The Feng Shui Benefits of Chimes

Just like crystals and mirrors, chimes are a staple in the feng shui practitioner’s tool kit, falling under the sound category. “[We] use chimes to create awakening, enlivening, stimulating and protecting energy,” states feng shui teacher David Daniel Kennedy in his book, Feng Shui Tips for a Better Life. When used for energetic, not purely decorative, purposes, the material and sound quality of a chime is significant. A metal chime that makes a pleasing sound is ideal. The metal can be any color and the chime rods may be secured to another type of material such as wood, glass or pottery. The most effective shape is one where the individual chime rods create a circle. Not only does this configuration promote a clear sound, but it also symbolizes harmony and motion.

The Perfect Placement for a Chime

The optimum placement of a chime to activate your chi in any circumstance is in the center of a space. This can be the center of the entire area or the center of an individual room. The center, referred to as the tai chi of the environment, symbolizes your health and wellbeing on all levels: emotional, spiritual, psychological, physical and sexual.

To activate bright ideas and fresh opportunities, place a chime just inside or outside the front door of your space.

To quickly enhance your personal vitality and strength, hang a chime above the place where you stand to cook at your stove in your kitchen.

Wherever you place a chime, hang it from the ceiling low enough that you are able to touch the very bottom of it with your fingertips. This way you can activate the sound of the chime whenever you desire. (Be cautious to not hang it so low that your tall friends hit their heads on it. That is not good feng shui).

The most important factor when using any tool for feng shui is your intention behind it—your why. After setting your intention, tap the chime to make it sound and then all you need to do is sit back, relax and let the fresh chi circulate in your life.

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Published on: August 1, 2018

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