Venus Ingresses to Capricorn, Setting a Strong Tone to the Season

Published on November 25, 2019

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast November 25- December 1

Mercury is now direct, though in its shadow phase through December 7, so some of Mercury’s communication issues are still in effect until then. Last week Mars moved into Scorpio, its traditional ruler. Mars in Scorpio is ambitious, focused, and driven, and much can be accomplished while it is in this sign through January 3rd. The Sun now shines in sunny Sagittarius, and all seems brighter and more hopeful, while at the same time Saturn is closing in on Pluto, growing toward their first exact conjunction on January 12th. Venus ingresses into Capricorn on Monday, joining Saturn, Pluto, and Ceres in the practical cardinal earth sign, giving a serious and somber, yet strong tone to the season.

access strategy and wisdom to prepare for the holidays

The Moon is void of course all day Monday beginning at 9:30 a.m. PST. After a strong and determined start, focus on routine tasks, and don’t waste time on meetings and activities requiring decisions. Venus moves into Saturn-ruled Capricorn for the next month through December 20th. This may help us curb our holiday spending, and attune to reasonable and healthy limits.

A New Moon in upbeat Sagittarius on Tuesday ushers in the Thanksgiving holiday with good cheer. This New Moon at 4 degrees of Sagittarius is closely conjunct the asteroid Pallas Athena, which symbolizes strategy and wisdom. Since Sagittarius is not known for strategy, this New Moon can benefit by this alliance, enabling us to do some wise planning to reach our goals over the next month. The New Moon is inconjunct Uranus, an aspect that can reveal blind spots, and trine Chiron, the mentor and healer. At the same time a Venus-Jupiter conjunction trines Uranus. All these planets and aspects combine to make for a potent, creative, electric time, when strategy, and esoteric wisdom can be accessed for good. We may wisely consider purchases and spending, and interactions with relations, especially helpful through the holidays.

Neptune is a strong player Wednesday, as it is stationary, turning direct, and making a challenging square to the Moon. We can be both inspired and confused. Neptune is also compassionate, which can be helpful during these holidays that we will spend with family and close friends. Strong Neptune calls us to be mindful of those less fortunate and in need.

practicality and sensibility on thanksgiving and black friday

Thanksgiving Day Thursday is chock full of positive aspects, though the Capricorn Moon casts a somewhat serious, discerning tone. Practical and sensible will most likely be the overriding energy as this buoyant Jupiter’s Day (Jueves) is infused with planetary and earthly blessings.

On Friday, Black Friday, the Moon is not void of course until late in the day at 8:00 pm. PST, so unlike the last few years with void Moons all day, this Black Friday is clear for shopping and getting things done. The Moon is conjunct Saturn and Pluto, a combination in Capricorn that will hold us to prudent spending. It would also be a good day to dive deep into a challenging project. Although the day is demanding, all aspects are powerful and useful. Make the most of this opportune day.

close the holiday with a surprise or adventure

Saturday morning’s void Moon can serve well as good energy for Thanksgiving clean-up, putting the house in order, and decorating for the holidays. At 12:13 p.m. PST the Moon glides into friendly air sign Aquarius. Expect something surprising and different Saturday evening such as meeting someone new, as the Moon makes an active square to Uranus.

The Sun and Moon are aligned in a benefic sextile on Sunday between the freedom signs of the zodiac: Sagittarius and Aquarius. Sunday is Jupiter’s last day in Sagittarius. This would be a good day for a hike or outdoor adventure, and later, a social gathering. Host an open house and invite diverse friends. Get your holiday sparkle on.

The Week in Short:

Monday: Moon VoC all day. Attend to routine tasks and refrain from meetings and activities requiring connections and decisions.

Tuesday: Buoyant New Moon in Sagittarius. Plan wisely and strategically for the holidays and month ahead.

Wednesday: Neptune turns direct. The day can be confusing, compassionate, and inspiring.

Thursday: Thanksgiving Day is infused with practicality, compassion, and ease. Count your blessings.

Friday: Dive deep into a challenging project.

Saturday: Lazy morning under a void Moon. Afternoon and evening framed for friendship—and surprise.

Sunday: Join with friends and get your holiday sparkle on.

Published on: November 25, 2019

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