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5 Ingenious Ways to Improve Your Intuition

Published on February 17, 2018

Article by Melissa Ambrosini for Bodhi Tree

Imagine if you had a secret superpower that enabled you to always make the right decision. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Whether it was a business relationship or health decision, with its help, you’d always know the right choice and the right path to take.

Well, guess what? You already have that ability. We all do, in fact. That superpower is your intuition.

Why Using Your Intuition Works

When you know how to tune in to its wisdom, your intuition can be one of the most powerful life tools you have at your disposal. So many successful people rely on their inner “hunch” to point them in the right direction—from billionaire investors, to Nobel prize–winning scientists, all the way through to artists, entrepreneurs and healers. Even Oprah credits the success of her ever-growing empire to her willingness to listen to her inner guidance system and heed its whispers.

But what if you’ve lost touch with your intuition? What if you’ve spent so long ignoring its quiet murmurs that now you can’t hear them at all?

5 Steps to Improve Your Intuition

If that sounds like you, here are five simple steps to improve your intuition and tune in to your inner wisdom.

1. Master your inner critic.

One of the biggest reasons we lose touch with our inner guidance system is because it’s drowned out by our inner critic, or inner Mean Girl. Your Mean Girl (or Bad Boy) is that noisy voice inside your head that’s always telling you you’re not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough, rich enough, whatever enough. And when that voice is at full volume, it’s very tough to hear the whispers of your intuition.

The first step toward mastering your inner Mean Girl is becoming aware of when she rears her head. Pay attention to when she pipes up and what she’s saying, then consciously and lovingly choose to close the door on her and choose a loving thought instead.

2. Go with your gut.

Your body is the temple of your intuition, and with practice, it can become a finely tuned instrument to convey its wisdom. All the tiny, involuntary sensations you feel within your body—from the flutter in your belly, to the tightness in your chest, to the clenching in your gut—are actually your intuition trying to tell you something.

Next time you need to make a decision, pay attention to how your body is reacting: Are your cells sending you vibrations of joy or repulsion? Are you expanding or are you contracting? Listen to their voices and follow their lead.

3. Pick an oracle card.

There are many external tools that can help you strengthen your inner wisdom, too. Oracle cards are one of my favorites. Shuffle a deck of your favorite cards while silently asking a question you’d like answered. Then, without thinking about it too much, pick the card you’re drawn to most. (When in doubt, go with your first instinct.) Flip it over and see what it has to say. What wisdom can you draw from the card? What is the universe trying to tell you? How can you apply that insight to the present moment?

4. Dare to dream.

Your dreams are a fertile feeding ground for the seeds of your intuition to take root. To tune in to the power of your dreams, try keeping a journal next to your bed. First thing in the morning, before you leap out from under the covers (and definitely before you check your phone!), jot down what you can remember about your dreams. Were there any symbols or motifs that appeared? Was there anything that felt meaningful, even though you’re not quite sure why?

Observe what comes up over the next week or two to see if you can identify repeating patterns or any connections between your dreams and your daily life.

5. Spend time in nature.

Getting out into nature is one of the best ways to quiet down the chatter of your mind, connect with your true essence, and allow the inner space for your intuition to flourish. You’ll get the most benefit from immersive experiences—say, swimming in the ocean or hiking through a forest. Whatever you choose, allow yourself to be all there, wherever you are. You’ll be blown away by the wisdom that comes up when you simply create the space for it.

When practiced regularly, these five suggestions are unbelievably effective. Before you know it, you’ll be making snap decisions with confidence, trusting your gut, and effortlessly steering yourself toward your best life ever.

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Published on: February 17, 2018

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