The Sun in Pisces Ushers in a Month of Self-Reflection

Published on February 19, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for February 18–25, 2018

The two recent eclipses are behind us, as are the host of other special days that occurred last week. The week ahead overall is much quieter. There is a lot of time when the Moon is void of course (VoC), a time when things tend not to come together, and nothing of consequence is likely to happen. These times are Tuesday morning, most of the day Thursday, and Saturday afternoon. On the other hand, there are a couple of golden, productive days: Wednesday the 21st and Sunday the 25th. We have now entered the final month of winter, and the final month of the zodiacal cycle. The month ahead supports compassion and contemplation, and listening to the subtle, intuitive messages that come through. Take walks and take time to meditate to allow yourself to receive insights and higher truths about your life.

The Week Begins with the Sun in Mutable Water Sign Pisces

The Sun enters Pisces tropically on Sunday morning, ushering in a month of self-reflection, solitude, meditation and tuning in to the greater vibration of the cosmos. Venus entered Pisces the evening before, amplifying the energy in this effusive direction, as Venus is exalted, or highest functioning in Pisces. The Sun and Venus join Mercury and Neptune in mutable water sign Pisces. These four planets, combined with Jupiter in fixed water sign Scorpio, make for a heavy load of water. Hopefully, we will get some much-needed rain in California. Water symbolizes feelings, intuition, sensitivity and compassion. The Moon is in Aries, lifting our spirits, and giving us energy to get up and go!

Ambitious Energy Fuels Your Workweek

Bounce out of bed Monday morning and get some vigorous exercise. A Mars-Moon trine in fire signs Sagittarius/Aries gives drive and energy to get us moving. Use this ambitious energy at the beginning of the work week and the beginning of the Lunar New Year to create a renewed exercise routine. Set goals for yourself, personally and professionally. A Moon-Pluto square in the evening may churn up some turbulence. Strategies to deal with it could be to stay calm or lean in and tackle your work. Prepare for Tuesday on Monday evening, as the Moon is VoC Tuesday morning.

Refrain from meetings or activities requiring decisions for Tuesday morning. Rather, it is a time for routine tasks. One of my readers recently asked what is meant by attending to routine tasks during the time when the Moon is void of course. The VoC period is good for cleaning, gardening, reading, walking, exercising, filing, washing clothes or filing papers—just about anything not requiring a meeting with another person, or a connection or decision. At 11:12am PST the Moon moves into its exaltation in Taurus, where it wants to indulge in all things pleasurable. With the Moon’s benefic aspects to the Sun, Mercury and Saturn, much can be accomplished with steady productivity.

Wednesday is a golden, pleasant, productive day, uplifted with a Venus-Neptune conjunction. We see our cups at least half-full, and rainbows in the sky. Against a beautiful backdrop, we can get a lot accomplished with grace and ease.

We may feel overcommitted and stretched thin on Thursday, thanks to a Moon-Jupiter opposition. While we can still be somewhat productive, the Moon is VoC all day on Thursday, so turn to routine tasks and lower expectations. The evening fosters connection and conversation after the Moon reaches Gemini at 4:11pm PST.

The Week Ends with a Challenging Gemini Moon

Our nerves may feel rattled on Friday with five challenging lunar alignments. The Gemini Moon has a short attention span, and the frenetic energy will not be easy to guide. Use this energy for writing or phone calls, and yield to interruptions.

Get your weekend errands or shopping done on Saturday before noon PST, when the Moon goes VoC for another long period until 7:06pm PST. As we are in the final weeks of winter, this would be a good afternoon to do some winter yard and garden clean-up. With the Moon in Cancer after 7:06pm PST, enjoy a cozy evening at home with family.

Sunday is another glorious day with numerous benefic aspects to the Moon in Cancer. This is a good day for planting flowers in the garden that you cleaned up yesterday. With the Sun in opportunistic sextile to Saturn, a lot can be accomplished. In the light of the Cancer Moon, you will want to enjoy some comfort food. You may want to cook for the week ahead.

My friend and colleague Dominie Cappadonna wrote the following about the Year of the Dog that began February 16:

“Centuries-old, Taoist time-tested observations of Dog Year qualities suggest this as a time of fairness, equality and addressing injustice. Like a watch dog caring for an underdog, controversial issues are given their due, revolutions are successful, politics are liberal and political oppression is opposed. Integrity and honesty are highly valued and we’re called to dig into the earth work in service to the whole. Whether that be climate disruption, fracking, coral reefs, sustainable practices, social and political platforms that you value, and more.

“The element earth adds a dimension of deliberation, diligence and vigilance. This earthy energetic may help settle our nervous systems and invite a light touch including humor and spaciousness with depth and follow through. This helps us aerate and till the soil of our inner landscape where tender places yield healing opportunities in befriending what at depth concerns us.

“A downside of a double earth dog is a ‘doggedness’ and entrenchment personally and collectively. This stalls collaboration and mediation between the inner aspects of ourselves and in the cultural commons.

“Yet with Dog by our side, playfulness IS our companion. Being a rascal and engaging irascible play tends to create through disruption and preserve through loyalty the integrity, stability and beauty of who we are and what we seek. This helps us self-regulate, come to center…

“Add laughter and play, and grace and space will ease the way. Woof!”

The Week in Short

Sunday: Sun enters Pisces, ushering in a day and a month of kindness, vision and creativity.

Monday: Ambitious day! Bounce out of bed and get moving.

Tuesday: Moon VoC until 11:12am. Focus on routine tasks; then make it a productive day.

Wednesday: Golden, productive day.

Thursday: Moon VoC all day until 4: 07pm. Connect and converse in the evening.

Friday: Emotionally jagged day. Gemini Moon encourages communication through written or spoken word.

Saturday: Get shopping and errands done before noon. The Moon is VoC again all afternoon until 7:06pm. Cozy up at home with family in the evening.

Sunday: Another golden day. Plant flowers, beautify your home, and cook some comfort food.

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Published on: February 19, 2018

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