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A Beginner’s Guide to Crystals and Gemstones

Published on November 8, 2016

Article by Rick Royal for Bodhi Tree

These are some beginning thoughts on crystals, which we have gathered from many sources. You may use them as a jumping-off place for further experiments, research and your own intuitive guidance. We have also included a book list as well as a crystal, mineral and stone reference list.

Homo sapiens have life, energy and consciousness expressed in their being, actions and experiences. What can be appreciated is that rocks, crystals and gems, as well as plants and animals, have life, energy and experiences and fully coexist and have a co-relationship with our forms of life. At our most basic level, we are all composed of the fundamental elements of the cosmos. We are wise to learn how to recognize and develop our relationship with all of them.

What They Are

Crystals and gems have been in use since ancient times for protection, blessing and healing in many cultures. There are many kinds of crystals. At Bodhi Tree, many of the crystals we carry are quartz, which is composed mostly of pure silicon dioxide. Characteristically, they are six-sided. The varieties of quartz include rock crystal (clear), amethyst (purple), smoky quartz (brown or black), citrine (yellow), and rose quartz (pink). Other stones and crystals are available as well.

How to Use Their Energy

Quartz can be used in a room to purify and amplify energy by just adding to the space. The beauty of the crystals stimulates the senses. They can be used to balance the body, or to charge other crystals used in gem therapy. Crystals are receptors and transmitters, and can realign energy, symbolized by the way a prism separates light into the colors of the rainbow. They generate two kinds of low-level electricity: piezoelectricity (from squeezing or putting under pressure) and pyroelectricity (from heat or change of temperature). In other words, if you hold and squeeze your crystal, it increases its output of electricity. If you place your crystal in water, it will form bubbles where it has the most charge.

Choosing the Perfect Crystal or Gemstone

In choosing a crystal, we suggest you trust your intuitive self to guide you to the proper one. You may choose one that is attractive and appealing to you. Another way would be by closing your eyes and passing your left hand (the receiver) over the crystal. You may feel a temperature change (hot or cold) or you may sense a flow of energy entering you fingers or palm. It may travel up your arm and into your body. Your heart rate may increase or a dizzy feeling could come over you. If any of these indicators occur, the crystal is “speaking” to you and offering itself to you.

Cleansing Positive Ions

A crystal will generate negative ions and therefore needs to be cleansed of positive ions it attracts. Periodically, your crystal should be put into an electrolytic solution to cleanse and recharge it. Ocean water is good for this, or a glass of salt water in the sun. Alternatives to this for beaded or jewelry crystals are smoking them with sage or cedar, or placing them into a geode. When you first receive a crystal, do this cleansing outside, under the sun’s and moon’s energies until you feel the crystal is balanced and cleared for your own vibrations. You may also clear a crystal using the Marcel Vogel Method: Simply stand balanced and hold the crystal, point up between the thumb and forefinger of your left hand, and grasp two opposing facets with thumb and forefinger of your right hand. Inhale and make an affirmation, then, with the intention to clear the crystal, bring it up under your nose and pulse a quick breath out your nose over the crystal. Repeat the pulsed breath for each facet (two at a time).

Charging Your Crystal

Once your crystal is cleared of previous vibrations, you will want to tune it to your own. There are many methods for charging crystals, and we suggest you consult the literature available. In general, keep the crystal with you until you feel the vibrations within the crystal are in tune with yours. You may also charge a crystal using the Marcel Vogel Method.

How to Use Your Crystal

Crystals work with the nervous system and are linked to the etheric body. The changes they produce are subtle. Try holding a crystal while you meditate to experience an expansion of your auric field. Put a crystal under your pillow if you are working with your dreams. Different colored crystals can be used in color therapy or gem therapy by placing them on the chakras. Each facet of a crystal can be programmed for a select purpose, or the entire crystal can be programmed for one purpose.

Published on: November 8, 2016

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