A Powerful Cosmic Event Sparks A Major Shift

Published on August 13, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Astrology Forecast for August 12–20, 2018

This week’s highlight is the perfecting Jupiter-Neptune trine (Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces), exact on Sunday, August 19. This is an uplifting, visionary, artistic aspect that can lift our spirits. This is the last week that the Sun is in playful Leo. Family vacations are almost over, and we are preparing for a new school year that will correspond with the Sun moving into Virgo tropically on August 22.

Mercury is still retrograde until Saturday, August 18. This period is a time to reflect, review, reconsider, revise—and reboot. It is also a time when things break down and need repair. Communication is prone to confusion. So, check plans and arrangements twice, and be patient with mix-ups.

The Virgo Moon Makes for a Productive Start to the Week

Retrograde Mars crosses back into Capricorn on Sunday, where it is exalted, grounded and strong. The Virgo Moon makes benefic aspects to Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. Not a leisurely Sunday, rather this is a day to get moving and get your life in order. The wind is at your back for a productive day. Harness this energy and produce results.

Monday is a clear and productive work day with the Moon continuing to shine in efficient and effective Virgo. Get organized and tackle your lingering “to do” list. You can make a lot of headway with the Moon in benefic trine aspect to determined planets Pluto and Mars. It is easy to power through your task list.

The Moon is in Libra Tuesday and Wednesday, aligning with Libra’s ruler, Venus, to sweeten the day with graciousness and beauty. Tuesday is nice and easy. The alignments support sorting out relationship issues cooperatively and tactfully.

Expect Caustic and Challenging Energy Midweek

Wednesday’s planetary alignments are more caustic, perhaps presenting some challenging interpersonal situations. Yet, these edgy aspects push us toward action, and promote creative expression.

An early morning Moon-Uranus opposition Thursday may take us out of our usual routine and present something unexpected. Emotions run strong on Thursday and Friday, fueled by a Scorpio Moon. Thursday, Jueves, Jupiter’s Day, generally is one of the fortunate, positive days of the week. The planets align to deal honestly with relationship issues (Juno trine Pluto).

Inspiration and Adventure Abound this Weekend

Friday is buoyed by an early-morning conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter, quickly followed by the Moon’s benefic trine to Neptune. The Moon ignites this powerful, positive, visionary, creative Jupiter-Neptune trine that perfects on Sunday. Friday, Viernes, is Venus’ day. Allow yourself to be inspired through meditation, a walk in nature, dance, or by some music you love. Then, express that inspiration in your work, with people you meet, and with a creative offering.

Bounce out of bed early and seize this sunny Saturday, colored by a Sagittarius Moon. Answer the call to adventure. Mercury turns direct; communication will begin to clear and improve over the next few days.

Sunday’s big cosmic event is the exact trine of Jupiter and Neptune. This other-worldly, creative energy is amplified by benefic lunar aspects to Mercury and Venus. Think big and colorful and imagine how you could realize some of your big dreams.

We are lucky to be gifted with a third day warmed by the sunny Sagittarius Moon on Monday, which is in a flowing trine to the Sun in fixed fire Leo. Color the beginning of your work week with the glow of this warm, brilliant, luminous energy.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Get to work and put your life in order.

Monday: Efficiency and productivity come easy; seize the day to get a lot accomplished.

Tuesday: The day is blessed with ease and grace.

Wednesday: Interpersonal matters may need to be addressed. Edgy energy that provokes action.

Thursday: Emotions run deep with an unexpected start to the day.

Friday: Be inspired and share your inspiration with others.

Saturday: Answer the call to adventure.

Sunday: Jupiter trine Neptune is the big cosmic event. Imagine how you will realize your dreams.

Monday: Warm, sunny, glowing day.

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Published on: August 13, 2018

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