Poor Mercury retrograde. It’s met with dread and hibernation by many of us. But the myth that this transit is solely a time for chaos, miscommunication and dysfunction is just that—a myth. And like all planetary retrogrades, Mercury’s has a bright side that everyone can use to strengthen their awareness and retreat from the noise of modern-day life.

The next Mercury retrograde is in the fire sign of Leo on July 26–August 18, 2018. Will you turn it around for yourself this time, and the next? Here are a few things you can do to make the most of this period of radical awareness, which can occur up to six times every year.

7 Ways to Embrace Mercury Retrograde

  1. Twenty percent of the population was born during a Mercury retrograde. For them, it’s a time to move forward and “make hay while the sun shines.” Were you born during one? Check your natal chart. In fact, it’s when these people are not in Mercury retrograde that they can feel uneasy and freak out.
  2. Periods of Mercury retrograde are great in these fast-paced, modern times, as they persuade us to slow down and reconsider big decisions. They actually create the perfect oasis for meditation and stillness, which we all could use.
  3. You can still make travel plans and sign contracts during the Mercury retrograde periods, just be more deliberate and aware.
  4. Getting upset about Mercury retrograde periods is really not productive. Realize this is a time when you can more easily access information and guidance from a higher source. Use it as a much-needed time to reflect and chill out.
  5. Mercury retrograde periods are intensely powerful times for manifesting. Get up in the morning and state your intention out loud. Then carry or wear a small green stone like jade to plant seeds for profound growth deep in your psyche.
  6. During Mercury retrograde, you may have people and ideas from your past revisit your world. It’s an amazing time to reconnect with those you may have forgotten unintentionally. Or reach out to someone who’s on your mind, so they feel the positive effects as well.
  7. No matter what is going on with Mercury, the key is to live your life by listening to your gut and heeding your inner voice—and never allowing a planet to have that much power over your life. The planets are meant to help with navigation, and not steering!

Bodhi Tree Suggests…

Here are our favorite spiritual tools for keeping it together during Mercury retrograde.

For grounding: Hematite Tumbled Stone

For clearing: Sacred Palo Santo Smudge Stick Bundle

For communication: Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone

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