Mars Turns Direct, Signaling Action & Forward Movement

Published on August 27, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 26–September 2, 2018

The Sun has moved into practical, hardworking earth sign Virgo for a stay through September 22. Virgo symbolizes order, efficiency, accomplishment, health and self-improvement. At summer’s end, we are back to school and work. Mercury has just turned direct, and communication continues to improve, though Mercury is still in its shadow until September 2.

It’s Time to Manifest Visionary Ideas

Again this week, the two beneficial trine aspects that were noted last week are still with us, coloring our world with good energy and possibilities: Jupiter-Neptune (Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces), and Saturn-Uranus (Uranus in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn). Jupiter-Neptune is an uplifting, visionary, artistic aspect. Saturn-Uranus is a combination that can enable us to discover and innovate, and apply practicality and grit to manifest brilliant, breakthrough ideas. The days’ energies listed below all play out against the backdrop of these two magnificent trines. Get to work on manifesting your visionary, brilliant ideas.

The Full Moon in Pisces lights the sky on Sunday. The Pisces Moon makes benefic sextiles to Uranus and Saturn, infusing the Grand Earth Trine with even more benefic energy. This is a glorious day with great promise. Imagine, be inspired and create!

Mars turns Direct, Shifting Energy to Forward Motion

Mars turns stationary direct on Monday, after having been in retrograde motion for two months. Our energy is now in forward motion. Expansive planetary energies combine in benefic aspects to color this day with vision and beauty. Get your glow on and get moving.

We may feel drawn to extra sleep and to linger in dreamland on Tuesday morning while the Moon is void of course (VoC) at the end of Pisces. Then, when the Moon pops into Aries at 9:35am, we are ready to roll. We may discover new ways of thinking. We may have to slow down and meet a few challenging demands.

An Aries Moon makes Wednesday enthusiastic and action-oriented, though the day could be emotionally volatile. Lean in and challenge yourself mentally and physically.

Most of Thursday is infused with the warmth and vigor of the Aries Moon forming a grand trine with Vesta, goddess of the hearth, and Pallas Athena, goddess of the arts and strategy. As the afternoon wears on, pull back and be cautious, as the Moon forms an edgy, rambunctious square to Mars, marking a short Moon VoC period, lasting from 4:04pm to 6:36pm PDT. Then the Moon moves into grounded earth sign Taurus, highlighting all things sensual. Expect the unexpected in the evening, as Uranus conjuncts the Moon; this aspect may shake things up. With Mars, Moon and Uranus in a tight square, be cautious and go slow, as this combo is prone to recklessness and accidents.

The Weekend is Framed for Accomplishment

Friday and Saturday the Moon is in fixed earth sign Taurus, highlighting all things sensual. With the Moon in practical and grounded Taurus, and the Sun in industrious, efficient earth sign Virgo, these two days are framed for accomplishment. As the weekend gets going, use these two days to tackle projects and put your life in order. This entire month with the Sun in Virgo (August 22–September 22), we have planetary strength to get organized and to get back to a good health regimen. Friday sparkles with a Moon-Neptune sextile that gives inspiration.

The month of September begins Saturday with additional pushes from benefic lunar trines to powerful Mars and Pluto. Don’t waste this weekend day on recreation. Saturday is a day to set solid, practical goals and to plan to meet or exceed them. Give your life the works!

Sunday and Monday, Labor Day, are social days with the Moon in friendly, curious Gemini. Mutable air sign Gemini symbolizes connection, communication and community. Attend to correspondence and phone calls. Connect with a sibling. Set aside some time for reading and learn something new.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Glorious, creative day with great promise.

Monday: Mars turns direct. Visionary, beautiful day to move things forward.

Tuesday: After a lingering, slow start, pop into action and make things happen.

Wednesday: Vigorous, energetic, emotionally volatile day.

Thursday: Grand earth trine supports work and responsibility, with ease. Expect the unexpected and go slowly and carefully.

Friday: Tackle big work projects; set goals high.

Saturday: Another powerful work day. Meet or exceed your goals.

Sunday: Connect, correspond, and communicate.

Monday: Connect with a sibling. Take time to read and learn something new.

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Published on: August 27, 2018

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