What You Need to Know About the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

Published on August 6, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 5–13, 2018

The Sun is now in Leo, the fixed fire sign that symbolizes children, recreation and all things creative. The next three weeks call us to family vacations and play. If you’ve been thinking about expressing your artistic self, take some time out from your work routine, light your creative spark and express yourself with music, dance or a visual art project.

Mercury is still retrograde until August 18. This period is a time to reflect, review, reconsider and revise. It’s also a time when things break down and need repair. Communication is prone to confusion. So, check plans and arrangements twice, and be patient with mix-ups.

Relationships are Highlighted with a Social Start to the Week

Sunday offers a generative day, sporting a Grand Earth Trine (Moon in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo). We can attend to practical matters with ease and grace and get a lot accomplished. The Moon shifts into the chatty, mutable air sign Gemini at 6:32pm PDT. After a solid, nourishing, productive day, make it a social evening. Catch up on the news and read a good book before you turn out the lights.

On Monday, Venus moves into Libra for the next month until September 8. Relationships are highlighted and love is in the air. With the Moon in curious Gemini, the Sun in creative Leo, and Venus in connecting Libra, the day is social. You will want to connect with others and do something fun and stimulating.

Expect the Unexpected Midweek as a Sixth Planet Turns Retrograde

Tuesday the Moon is Void of Course (VoC) all day and evening until 9:01pm PDT. Uranus turns retrograde, joining five other retrograde planets: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, making six planets in retrograde motion. This is a lot of retrograde, inward energy for rethinking and reworking plans and ideas. This is not a time for clear outer expression and moving things forward. When planets are stationary, and turning direction, their symbolic energy is amplified. Thus, the day may be full of unexpected twists and turns, and perhaps a breakthrough. Mercury will be the first of the retrograde planets to go direct on August 19, so for the next two weeks we are definitely in a rethinking, reworking, revising mode. Venus trines Mars, making for a positive exchange of ideas—especially of the masculine/feminine. The planetary energy does not support easy meetings, so when you do something in spite of the energy, you have to be more mindful and open to things not working as crisply and clearly as usual.

Against the backdrop of an emotional, familial Cancer Moon, Wednesday is a productive, demanding, expansive day. The Cancer Moon forms a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter and Neptune in the evening, which may soften rough edges. It is an active day, full of potential, and the vision of life’s best offerings.

Brace Yourself for Frustrated, Test Energy Toward Week’s End

You will be challenged on Thursday by the day’s difficult aspects, starting with Pluto’s opposition to the Moon in the morning, an edgy Venus-Saturn square, and a Moon-Mars opposition. Don’t be surprised if you meet a few tests and challenges. One bright aspect is Mercury conjunct Pallas Athena, so let’s focus on the creativity and artistry of that alignment to handle the rest of the day’s frustrating energy. Shine your light on some of the best expressions of the Cancer Moon: nurturing, cooking and gardening. The Moon is dark, so we want to draw inward, especially with the looming Solar Eclipse. Settle into your nest for the evening.

The Leo Moon conjuncts the North Node on Friday, just before it aligns with the Sun in the third and last eclipse of this series early Saturday morning. The day’s alignments are again testy, though not as strong as yesterday’s. You will likely feel overextended, and tempers may flare. Keep your day as simple and easy as possible.

Set New Intentions on Saturday’s Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo

Saturday’s early-morning Partial Solar Eclipse begins an 18-hour period when the Moon is VoC. This last eclipse of the year in sunny Leo invites us to bring more play and delight into our lives. Set new intentions wherever Leo is in your horoscope; if you don’t know, set some intentions around lightening up and embracing your creative self.

Retrograde Mars crosses back into Capricorn on Sunday where it is exalted, grounded, and strong. The Virgo Moon makes benefic aspects to Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune. This is not a leisurely Sunday. This is a day to get moving and get your life in order. The wind is at your back for a productive day. Harness this energy and make it so!

Monday is a clear and productive work day with the Moon in efficient and effective Virgo. Get organized and tackle your lingering “to do” list. You can make a lot of headway with the Moon trine both determined planets Pluto and Mars. It is easy to power through your task list.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Grand Earth Trine supports a productive day to tend to practical matters.

Monday: Energetic, fun, social day.

Tuesday: Moon VoC all day and evening, and Uranus turns retrograde. Expect the unexpected, and focus your energy on insignificant, routine tasks.

Wednesday: Active day of mixed energy, but full of potential.

Thursday: Challenging planetary alignments combined with the dark Moon in Cancer. Draw inward and settle into your nest.

Friday: The Moon aligns with the North Node, just before tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse. Take it easy and enjoy a sweet and simple evening at home.

Saturday: Solar Eclipse in Leo conjunct Mercury and Pallas Athena. Set intentions for more play and creativity in your life.

Sunday: Get to work and put your life in order.

Monday: Efficiency and productivity come easy; seize the day to get a lot accomplished.

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Published on: August 6, 2018

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