The New Moon in Capricorn Brings Determination and Forward Movement

Published on January 14, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for January 14–21, 2018

This week sports a New Moon on Tuesday in Capricorn. The Moon joins five other planets (Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and Venus) in Capricorn, the cardinal, action-oriented earth sign that symbolizes productivity, responsibility and accomplishment. The New Moon is significant and powerful, calling for commitment to a course of action.

The Importance of Planets in Earth & Water Signs This Year

I repeat this summary this week of the benefic energy available this year. This whole year is full of benefic aspects due to four slow-moving planets being in earth and water signs: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Uranus joins them in June when it ingresses into earth sign Taurus. This month, Mars is in water sign Scorpio nearly all month. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are in earth sign Capricorn, each for about three weeks. This is a lot of mud (earth and water), which also molds into clay from which come beautiful pieces of pottery, or concrete, which forms the foundation for building structures. Sextiles are opportunities. We can do nothing, and our lives will generally go well. Yet, we should all take advantage of the benefic energy to boost ourselves into warp drive toward better futures. Think of the potential of making beautiful, useful pottery out of clay and water. Maybe it is time to sign up for a pottery class—or to start building the foundation for a new home or business.

Preparing for the Productive New Moon in Capricorn

Sunday morning the Moon is void of course (again, following a lot of void Moon time the past week), so enjoy a leisurely Sunday breakfast and the reading of the Sunday paper. Then, at 11:42am PST, the Moon ingresses into Capricorn, and the rest of the day is for getting some serious work done, and for planning the month ahead. The Moon is dark, heralding a New Moon on Tuesday at 25 degrees Capricorn, so you will want to draw inward, finish projects and seize more time alone. The Sun squares Uranus, so expect some surprise events even while you drill down on the work. The weekend finishes strongly with the determination of a Moon-Saturn conjunction. Reflect on the possibilities and opportunities that emerged in your life the past week, and your intentions with the coming New Moon on Tuesday.

Jupiter and Pluto align in a benefic sextile on Monday, bringing confidence and light, and fueling movement and change. Monday is also Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a day to celebrate a man who fought honorably for civil rights. Against the backdrop of the Capricorn Moon, this Jupiter/Pluto aspect is extremely powerful. Big projects can move forward. In the low light of the dark Moon, draw inward and set your goals and intentions for the new lunar month that begins tomorrow.

Set Your Intentions for the Month and Year on Tuesday

The Moon makes benefic sextiles (aspects of opportunity) with Mars, Jupiter and Chiron, giving confidence and courage, and bolstering trust on Tuesday. The New Moon (exact at 6:17pm PST) calls for monthly, or perhaps this year’s intentions, since it is the first New Moon of the New Year. Capricorn symbolizes both fear and authority. This New Moon calls for us to claim our power, dispel fear and connect with our inner authority. The New Moon squares Uranus, a revolutionary, chaotic, disruptive energy that changes games. Surrender to divine order. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is “Pilgrims climbing the steep steps leading to a mountain shrine.” This New Moon contains the potential to ascend to higher realms of consciousness.

Expect Some Chaos Midweek

The restrictive energy of the six planets in Capricorn begins to lift on Wednesday, when the Moon and Venus move into freedom-loving Aquarius. Mars and Uranus make a reckless aspect, so go easy with the chaos that may be part of Wednesday. Bring a focus to friendship and diversity.

Resentments can be released and emotional wounds healed through Thursday’s Mars-Chiron trine. We may feel emotionally overextended. Bring the energy of the Moon and Venus in Aquarius to social concerns and broader issues. Make a donation to a cause about which you care. Gather with friends for happy hour or dinner.

Emotional Intelligence is Heightened Through the Weekend

Friday morning the Moon is void of course (VoC) until 12:56pm PST, when it enters Pisces. Devote Friday morning to routine tasks rather than meetings or things requiring decisions. In the evening, the Sun moves into Aquarius tropically, releasing more Capricorn energy from the restrictive stellium in Capricorn. Emotional intelligence and imagination are heightened throughout the weekend with a Mercury-Neptune sextile.

The compassion and comfort of the Pisces Moon light the way throughout the weekend. As a bonus, this mutable water Moon makes benefic aspects to other planets Saturday (Neptune and Mercury) and Sunday (Pluto, Jupiter and Mars). Listen to your intuition. Be imaginative, creative, kind and generous.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Enjoy a leisurely morning while the Moon is void. After 11:42am PST, drill down on work and get a lot accomplished. Expect surprises and disruptions.

Monday: Dark of the Moon: draw inward. Confidence fuels the will to move forward. Set intentions for the first New Moon of the year.

Tuesday: New Moon in Capricorn. Claim your personal power and inner authority and aim to raise your vibration.

Wednesday: Go easy and focus on friendship and social concerns.

Thursday: Let go of wounds, resentments and restrictions, and open to wider concerns and explorations.

Friday: Focus on routine tasks while the Moon is VoC until 12:26pm PST. Then finish the work week and ease into an uplifting weekend.

Saturday: Open to creative, imaginative ideas.

Sunday: Enjoy a passionate and compassionate Sunday.

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Published on: January 14, 2018

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