How to Use the Fiery Momentum of the Summer Solstice

Published on June 18, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for June 17–24, 2018

The week is colored by a grand trine in water, highlighting emotions, intuition and creativity. Jupiter is in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, and trine Mercury and Pallas Athena in Cancer. Two major umbrella planetary alignments over the coming months encourage innovation. Uranus trines Saturn (in aspect through December 2018), and Jupiter trines Neptune (in aspect through September 2018). Uranus/Saturn combines innovation with practical structure. Jupiter/Neptune combines qualities of vision and expansion. How can you encourage and ground your own creative, expansive ideas? Take advantage of these extraordinary energies; imagine and create!

Venus is closely conjunct the North Node, or Rahu, in Vedic astrology. Venus and Rahu are in Leo tropically, or Cancer in sidereal/Vedic astrology. Venus/Rahu-North Node gives rise to the power of women. This past week, an African-American woman narrowly won the mayor’s race in San Francisco, and some 100 women Democrats and 25 women Republicans won in primary elections around the country.

What to Expect with the 3 Upcoming Summer Eclipses

The fiery-hot combo Mars and the South Node (known as Ketu in Vedic astrology) are still closely aligned this week, and through mid-October. This combo is in a challenging square aspect to Uranus. Harsh, edgy, fiery energy is prone to eruptions. However, fiery energy can be used for good to spark ideas and to confront things that need to be addressed. We draw closer to an intense season of eclipses occurring on July 13, July 27 and August 11. Eclipse events are impossible to predict what will occur and exactly when, as they can occur up to three months before or after.

Again, repeated from last week, these eclipses are engaged with the fiery planets Mars and Uranus. It is likely that a lot of aggression will be activated in the coming few months. If you are making summer plans, consider that the energy is hot, impulsive and feisty. It is best to lie low, not take risks, and keep things simple, especially during the peak of summer, July and into the first two weeks of August.

Playful and Productive Energy Starts the Week Off Right

The Leo Moon makes Sunday, Father’s Day, fun. Make it a playful day. As Leo loves to be appreciated, make a point to praise others.

The work week is off to a healthy, efficient start with the Moon in Virgo Monday and Tuesday. Virgo loves to be healthy, so be sure adequate exercise is built into these days, and since you’re off to a great start, why not make exercise a priority this whole week? The Virgo Moon is industrious and productive, even more so than usual, as it forms a Grand Earth Trine with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. On a different note, Neptune is stationary, ready to turn retrograde for the next five months until November 25. When a planet stations, its energy is amplified; Neptune symbolizes vision, imagination, illusion and intuition. It is not about precision and efficiency. This diverse combination of energy can work together to broaden Virgo’s usual focus on details toward the big picture, and in the reverse, Neptune’s openness to the wide world of possibility can be focused by earth sign Virgo’s attention to the tasks at hand. Monday we can change the world—or at least make a big leap forward in our lives, supported by the Grand Trine in earth signs, and the Neptune station.

The overall energies of Monday carry over to Tuesday, continuing to blend heaven and earth, seeing the big picture while attending to details. A Jupiter-Mercury trine fosters an open mind and big ideas. Benefic aspects, combined with the contrasting planetary energies, make it a day full of big possibilities. Open to your intuition and be prepared to capture insight, beauty and evolutionary ideas.

Edgy Energy Hits Midweek

Wednesday morning is edgy as we face the challenges of a Moon-Saturn square, and also a Sun-Moon square. However, not to worry, as this is offset, or at least helped, by a benefic Mercury-Neptune trine. Imagination runs strong, and clever solutions to the day’s problems will be possible. Other benefic aspects to the Moon make for an overall beautiful, active day.

The Summer Solstice is Thursday, June 21, the day of the longest light of the year in the northern hemisphere when the Sun ingresses tropically into Cancer. Venus is exactly opposite Mars, drawing the male and female principles of life together in tension. Passions run high, and love is in the air. The Moon forms an edgy square to both Mercury and Pluto. We could use these challenging aspects to confront issues through potentially difficult discussions. Mark this special day of the year with your own ritual. (Read 4 Summer Solstice Rituals for Living Your Best Life to learn about the history and spiritual significance of the Summer Solstice and ways to honor it.)

A Dark Scorpio Moon Ushers in the Weekend

The Moon is Void of Course (VoC) Friday morning until noon Pacific Time (12:11pm PDT exact), when the Moon moves into Scorpio for the weekend. The deep, dark Scorpio Moon favors a weekend of solitude and drawing inward, focusing on what deeply matters. With the Moon opposite Uranus, and the Sun sextile Uranus, expect some surprises and some revelations. Turn toward your most intimate relationship(s).

Saturday we are pushed to confront relational issues by the Moon, Venus and Mars forming a tense T-square aspect. This aspect also can be creative if you allow yourself to use the pushy energy for better solutions. The Moon-Jupiter conjunction give us optimism which goes a long way toward dealing well with the challenges before us.

Sunday is easy, supported by benefic trine aspects to Mercury and Pluto. Water the plants in your home and garden. Read a compelling book. Take some space for yourself. Enjoy!

The Week in Short

Sunday: Light, easy playful day.

Monday: Productive, efficient, visionary day. Neptune stations retrograde.

Tuesday: Open your mind to big possibilities, and then to the tasks at hand. Put your life in order.

Wednesday: Edgy morning. Clever solutions are possible. Overall a beautiful day.

Thursday: Summer Solstice! Sun into Cancer. While challenging energies abound, celebrate this day of greatest light.

Friday: Moon VoC all morning, so tend to routine tasks. At 12:11pm PDT, Moon moves into Scorpio. Turn your attention to deep matters.

Saturday: Tensions mount, but optimism pushes us toward creative solutions.

Sunday: Easy day. Kick back and take some time and space for yourself.

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Published on: June 18, 2018

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