This Week, Let Go of the Old So You Can Sow Seeds for Growth

Published on May 5, 2019

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for May 6–12, 2019

We are now in a New Moon phase in Taurus, highlighting resources, planting and growing. It’s time to tend to your gardens. What do you want to grow, both plant-wise and metaphorically? How do you want to grow your resources and beautify your surroundings? This is a volatile week with Saturn, the South Node and Pluto conjunct. There is strong cosmic encouragement to let go of old worn-out systems or structures that no longer serve you.

Start Your Week with by Building Strength and Giving to Others

Curiosity is sparked on Monday. We may feel drawn to pursue new love interests with Venus squaring the lunar nodes. Mercury moves into Taurus, slowing our thought processes and enabling us to make measured, grounded decisions for the next two weeks while Mars is in Taurus.

Mixed energies, mostly challenging, make Tuesday an edgy day. However, as with exercise, when we push against something and work with tension we can build strength. Go mindfully and honor limits and keep your temper in check. With the mental agility of Mars and the Moon in Gemini, we can solve problems with logic and flexibility.

Wednesday is a day for compassion and caring. Sparked by a Mercury-Uranus conjunction, our minds are active and innovative. Conversations may generate new ideas. The day is infused with benefic lunar aspects, overall giving inspiration and extra consideration for feelings.

Take Care of Responsibilities and Expect Tension at the End of the Week

The Moon’s oppositions to Saturn and Pluto on Thursday may make for a not-so-easy day emotionally. Lean into your responsibilities and give them the works. Do not expect to be pampered. Give more to others and expect less for yourself.

The Moon bounces into playful Leo early Friday morning, attempting to lift our spirits. However, lunar squares to Uranus and Mercury make for tension and disruptions. Yet, a Sun-Saturn trine in earth signs gives energy for the entire weekend, helping us keep order, attend to our duties and make progress on our goals.

The Weekend is Time for Cleaning Up and Organizing

The Moon ingresses into Virgo Sunday morning, signaling time to clean up and take care of details. The clean-up and organizational efforts continue into next week.

The Week in Short

Monday: Curiosity is sparked. Thought processes are slowed.

Tuesday: Honor limits and meet the challenges of the day with fervor and flexibility.

Wednesday: Conversations can generate surprising ideas and connections.

Thursday: Lean into responsibilities and give this challenging day the works.

Friday: Disruptions may emerge in this potentially playful Friday.

Saturday: Strong, grounded energy for getting a lot accomplished. We feel optimistic.

Sunday: Clean up, tend to details and get organized for the weekend ahead.

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Published on: May 5, 2019

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