Prepare to Face Challenges This Week, Then Focus on Beauty and Intentions During the Weekend

Published on April 28, 2019

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 29–May 05, 2019

Pluto stationed retrograde a few days ago, and Saturn turns retrograde on Monday, both moving backwards for five months. It may be time to end what no longer serves you, and transform an area of your life. The Sun continues in Taurus, the fixed earth sign symbolizing all things sensual. The week ahead is primed for gardening, planting, attending to your finances, beautifying your home and enjoying good food. The Moon joins the Sun in Taurus on Saturday, culminating in a New Moon.

Start Your Week with Patience and Strength to Manage Stresses

Saturn stations retrograde on Monday for a five-month backward spin until mid-September. Again, when a planet stations to turn direction, its energy is amplified. Monday calls for serious, hard work, though the Moon is in sweet Pisces. This would be an excellent day to work in your garden and make it beautiful. Be prepared to meet whatever tests come your way.

Karmic justice may be served on Tuesday when Saturn conjuncts the South Node. You may reap rewards or meet with tests and challenges. The Moon forms a demanding T-square with Mars and Jupiter. We can feel overextended and pushed too far. Although there is quite a bit of positive planetary activity on Tuesday, the squares are demanding. Go slowly, patiently and consciously.

The malefic planets Saturn and Mars are in a challenging stand-off square on Wednesday. Mars demands quick action, while Saturn wants to slow everything down. Consider how you will deal with the tension of this day. Engage in vigorous exercise early in the day. Mars loves power and movement, and Saturn is all about discipline, a combination that can build strength.

The End of the Week Brings Challenges

Thursday’s planetary highlights include a Mercury-Pluto square, as well as a Mercury-Jupiter trine. Struggles can be resolved with generosity and greater perspective. A Moon-Saturn square can hold us back or help us power through. Thursday is an edgy, dynamic day. While a lot can be accomplished, the road to the finish line may be fraught with pitfalls. Power through, but be careful not to force your opinions on others. You may need to back off from emotionally tense situations. Problems solving may be complex and require considerable effort.

Things do not come together easily on Friday morning as the Moon is void of course. At 1:18 p.m. PDT the Moon moves into Taurus, its happy place of exaltation. Although the Moon is dark before tomorrow’s New Moon, excitement builds in the evening, perhaps delivering some surprises as the Moon conjuncts Uranus.

The Weekend’s New Moon is the Perfect Time to Set New Intentions

The Sun and Moon conjoin in Taurus on Saturday, gracing the weekend with pleasure. Consider where 14:10 degrees of Taurus falls in your horoscope and set intentions for this next lunar month. Since Taurus symbolizes resources, set goals around income and finances. Planetary aspects are benefic and inspiring. These are days for enjoying fine food, listening to inspiring music, walking in nature and beautifying your home and garden.

Sunday is a particularly strong day for getting a lot accomplished, though we may overreach in the light of a Mars-Jupiter opposition.

The Week in Short

Monday: Lean into work and responsibilities. Clean up your garden.

Tuesday: Reap karmic rewards and meet tests and challenges.

Wednesday: Consider how you will deal with the tension of this day.

Thursday: Edgy, dynamic day. Power through.

Friday: Moon VoC until 1:18 p.m. PT. The moon is dark, calling for withdrawal. There may be surprises in the evening.

Saturday: New Moon in Taurus. The day is framed for pleasure.

Sunday: A lot can be accomplished, though we may overreach.

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Published on: April 28, 2019

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