It’s Gemini Season: Time for Communication, Community and Connection

Published on May 21, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for May 20–27, 2018

Tensions lessen as Mars pulls away from his aspect to Uranus. The Sun has just entered Gemini tropically, highlighting communication, community and connection. Gemini is the sign of the zodiac that bridges Spring with Summer.

Expect Challenging Energy as the Week Begins

Although we may want Sunday to be a day of rest after this dynamic week, the day is filled with challenging, irritable, testy fixed squares (Moon-Mercury, Moon-Jupiter and Venus-Chiron) that will not allow complacency or ease. There may be some relief with the Sun moving into mutable air sign Gemini, energy that allows us to rise above difficulties and see some humor in the drama. Square aspects challenge us to move—physically and otherwise. We can get a lot accomplished. The Sun ingresses into Gemini, ushering in a new solar month symbolizing communication, connection and community.

Indecision makes it difficult to get going on Monday. The Moon is Void of Course (VoC) all day until 7:03pm PDT, when the Moon moves into Virgo and makes a flowing connection to Uranus, which will shake you out of the day’s fog. Don’t expect to get the week off to a running start, and it is not a good day for meetings. Although it is Monday, take the day off and play if you can.

Get Tasks Accomplished with the Help of the Virgo Moon

Tuesday’s Virgo Moon will help us get organized and make up for time lost on Monday. Although the Virgo Moon takes us down into the details, the day is infused with expansive aspects. We are grounded early in the day by the Moon-Saturn trine, making us accountable to our responsibilities. At the same time, we think big (Mercury opposite Jupiter). Both the Moon and Mercury form benefic aspects with Neptune and Jupiter. If you can loosen the grip of the task-driven Virgo Moon, this is a day to let your imagination soar into new territory. Make the most of the possibilities that abound on Tuesday.

A powerful Moon-Pluto trine in the early morning (7:55am PDT) on Wednesday gives us drive and determination. Then the Moon is VoC all the rest of the day and evening until 11:52pm PDT. The Gemini Sun makes an exact benefic trine to Mars in Aquarius, a decisive, energetic alignment. Although the day is not good for meetings or decisions, a lot can be accomplished with the powerful drive of the Sun-Mars trine. Be sure to build some vigorous exercise into the day.

Conversation and Curiosity are Highlighted Toward the End of the Week

The gracious Libra Moon on Thursday forms a Grand Air Trine with Mars and the Sun, which great for anything involving conversation and learning. An edgy Moon-Saturn square pushes us out of the Libra Moon’s comfort zone and into handling our responsibilities.

Friday ushers in the long Memorial Day weekend with three major aspects: Jupiter trine Neptune; Mercury trine Pluto; and Venus opposite Saturn. These combinations are imaginative, investigative and discerning. We need to attend to our responsibilities and then relax into a gracious, inspiring evening after the Moon becomes VoC at 2:03pm PDT. Friday evening has the backdrop of the social Libra Moon and aspects that encourage engagement, curiosity and creativity. Enjoy an evening with good friends, but rein it in responsibly.

Saturday and Sunday we turn inward in the low light of the Scorpio Moon. Feelings run deep. We want to study, investigate and get to the bottom of problems and concerns. Saturday calls for energetic exercise, openness to surprise and spontaneous events, and attending to responsibilities. Sunday shines with benefic energies. We feel optimistic and buoyant and can imagine a positive future. Use this good energy to make this day count.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Challenging, testy day. Not a day of rest and ease. Be playful. Sun into Gemini.

Monday: Moon VoC all day until 7:03pm PDT. Indecision abounds, and things don’t come together. Play day, if you can.

Tuesday: Moon in Virgo helps us get organized. Attend to details but keep the big picture in mind. Possibilities abound!

Wednesday: Sun trine Mars: A lot can be accomplished—a lot of small things. The Moon is VoC all day and not good for decision making.

Thursday: Handle responsibilities with ease and grace.

Friday: Major aspects highlight imagination, investigation and discernment.

Saturday: Feelings run deep. Study, investigate and engage.

Sunday: Positive energies abound! Make this day count.

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Published on: May 21, 2018

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