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Crystal Healing in a High-Tech World

Published on May 17, 2018

Article by Rita Robinson for Bodhi Tree

Shortly after the utility company replaced the analog electric meter on her house with a digital Smart model, Alice Carroll began to feel scorching sensations in her body. Whenever she walked into a certain room, her fingers lit up like matches. “They were raw—like I just touched a hot pan,” she recalls. Her toes burned, her ears rang, her breathing became difficult and her head felt like it was being squeezed.

To seek relief, Carroll started attending Pranic healing circles, a “no touch” healing art that works with the body’s energetic field to restore balance and wellbeing. One night, a facilitator handed Carroll an innocent-looking black stone.

Holding the stone, Carroll suddenly relaxed and felt all her symptoms subside. “It felt like a warm bath,” she recalls. “I could finally take a deep breath.”

Black Tourmaline: The Power of the Positivity Stone

It turned out the stone was black tourmaline, a semiprecious gem believed in crystal-healing circles to reconnect earth dwellers to terra firma and neutralize negativity, says Deborah Shea, a crystal-healing practitioner and educator, and one of Carroll’s first mentors in crystal therapy. Inspired by the stone’s powers of panacea, Carroll later bought smaller pieces of black tourmaline to make pendants, bracelets, anklets—anything she could get close to her skin.

Crystal Healing Then and Now

Crystals have been venerated as powerful protectors since ancient times. Pharaohs and ancient philosophers alike believed that lapis lazuli could shield them from dark forces or negative energy. Nowadays, crystals are being used to help protect humans from their own cell phones and computers. “We’re being bombarded. We’ve known about the mal effects of cell phones, computers, televisions, power stations [and] even long airplane travel for decades,” says James Tyberonn, a geological engineer and former officer in the U.S. Army Signal Corps who has studied the earth’s elements for 40 years and has written five books on the synergy between science and metaphysics.

Radiation from computerized equipment is amping up without an end in sight, confirms Oram Miller, a certified environmental consultant and electromagnetic radiation specialist out of Los Angeles. Like smoking cigarettes, the dangers are cumulative and measurable, he adds. The culprit is the electromagnetic field (EMF) that surrounds manmade computerized and cellular devices, as well as radio-frequency (RF) radiation from Wi-Fi, cell phones and Smart meters, explains Miller.

Why EMFs are a Health Hazard

“We are enveloped in a constant, manmade electromagnetic smog,” says Judy Hall, author of the Crystal Prescriptions book series for today’s increasing awareness of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). EMFs adversely affect sensitive people, Hall says, because they raise background oscillation frequencies beyond what some humans can handle.

Scientists attending the fifth Paris Appeals Conference in 2015 unanimously requested the World Health Organization, which recognizes EHS as a condition, to declare it a diagnosable health hazard. Later that same year, a court in France ruled that a 39-year-old woman qualified for nearly $900 per month in disability benefits due to electromagnetic hypersensitivity. In the United States, EHS is recognized as a handicap by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Sweden also acknowledges it as a functional impairment.

The American Cancer Society says that evidence is limited on the effects of RF radiation from cell towers, cell phones, computers, Smart meters, televisions, automobiles and the atmosphere. However, it does admit that when the energy becomes concentrated, health problems can occur. According to its 2016 report titled “Microwaves, Radio Waves, and Other Types of Radiofrequency Radiation,” microwaves, like those used in a microwave oven to heat the water molecules in food, can increase heating and drying to living cells. Microwave exposure was sometimes fatal in lab animals, and if the radiation was focused on the animals’ eyes, it could cause cataracts.

How to Counter EMF Surges with Gemstones and Crystals

The auric field, or aura, is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body and every organism and object in the universe. When punctured, the auric field’s energetic bleeding can result in fatigue, sadness and depression, says Tyberonn, who adds that ions emitted by gemstones and crystals act as energy batteries that can fortify the auric field to stop the drain. He recommends wearing what he calls the metatronic shield: a single-refractive jewel (such as a diamond, garnet—green preferably—or the lesser-known spinel) on your left ring finger; a double-refractive gem (all other gemstones, like birthstones and black tourmaline) on your right ring finger; a lapis lazuli pendant; and noble metal bracelets (in gold, platinum, silver, copper or brass) on both wrists. Worn together, these three stones and metals are believed to help block your auric field from attack.

“Crystals resonate with people because we’re crystalline beings,” explains Shea, who points out that our bodies contain some of the same elements as crystals do, such as the calcite crystals in our inner ears that help us keep our balance.

3 Ways to Reduce RF Levels

When worn on the body, crystals subtly neutralize a device’s EMF effects but don’t directly affect the actual device, adds Miller. What’s more important is to locate the cause of the problem and lessen exposure. Women tuck cell phones in their tops, men stick them in their pockets and when you make a call, you hold the phone up to your ear—and brain. The problem is that manmade EMFs are believed to disrupt the natural human electromagnetic field and interfere with normal physiological processes in the body, explains Miller, who has worked with thousands of households and businesses for 13 years to reduce EMF levels. “The energetic field from devices is so strong it’s like having a 400-pound gorilla in the room,” he says. “You want to get rid of that thing.”

Both Miller and Tyberonn suggest keeping cell phones and Wi-Fi routers as far away from you as possible. Use your cell phone on speaker, or put it on airplane mode. And Miller prefers a corded landline as your main phone and Ethernet cable for your computer.

Small-Town Charm: Low Electropollution Levels

While Alice Carroll may be more sensitive than most to EMFs, she sees herself as the canary in the coal mine. ”You may not be sensitive now, but I’m telling you, if it’s affecting me now, it’s affecting you over a long period of time,” she warns. With her black tourmaline jewelry in tow, Carroll moved to a small mountain town near Flagstaff, Arizona, an area known for having low pollution levels, including electropollution. “When the house was empty and the utilities shut off—no computers, no television, no Wi-Fi, no voltage—it was like, ‘Ahhh, I can breathe,’” she says.

Judy Hall’s Crystal Remedies to Help Protect Against EMFs

Judy Hall says there are ways to protect yourself from EMFs with crystals, which she covers in her 2015 book, Crystal Prescriptions Volume 3: The A–Z Guide of Over 1,200 Symptoms and Their Healing Crystals.

  • Shielding crystals such as shungite act “as a cage” for EMFs, surrounding the outer edge of your bioenergetic field with a protective coating.
  • Besides black tourmaline and shungite, crystals that transmute toxic energies into beneficial ones are amazonite and rose quartz, which should be placed between you and a source of electromagnetic pollution.
  • Especially helpful in areas affected by power lines and other electrical equipment are amethyst, zeolite and tourmaline—crystals which should be worn to create negative (beneficial) ions from moisture in the air, which can assist the body in repairing cellular damage.

Note that crystal practitioners use crystals for specific purposes. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions.

Published on: May 17, 2018

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