Jupiter in Sagittarius Brings Expansion and Exploration

Published on November 12, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for November 11–18, 2018

The Sun continues to shine in Scorpio, drawing us deeply inward. Enjoy another 10 days of repose before the Sun bounces into Sagittarius on November 22, and the holiday season begins. Jupiter has just shifted into its ruling sign Sagittarius tropically for a one-year stay, where it will be uplifting and well-functioning. Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages us to expand our knowledge through travel, study and adventure. Think about how you might expand your belief systems and engage in new explorations of Sagittarian themes such as philosophy, religion, metaphysics and other cultures.

Mercury turns retrograde on Friday. In the early days of this week, complete travel plans and agreements, sign contracts and tie up loose ends. Prepare for the three-week Mercury retrograde period in which it will be time again to review, reconsider, renegotiate and revise.

Productivity Sets the Tone for the Week

Sunday’s stage is set for serious work and accomplishment, The Capricorn Moon conjuncts Saturn on Sunday morning, guiding us toward our responsibilities. Neptune makes a benefic sextile to the Saturn-Moon conjunction, inspiring us to work toward our goals and intentions. The Scorpio Sun makes a benefic sextile to Pluto, giving the power and desire to be productive. This is not at all a lazy Sunday. Make the most of this strong and capable energy.

Monday is yet another productive work day, this one framed by a Moon-Pluto conjunction in the morning, giving even more power and determination toward all that needs to be accomplished. Get your workweek off to a rousing start. You can conquer many tasks on your to-do list.

Expect Positive Energy for Creativity and New Ideas Midweek

There may be unexpected trouble on Tuesday, with the Moon joining the South Node and squaring Uranus. The Aquarius Moon is friendly and detached, so problems can be solved brilliantly, and with a big boost of positivity from the Moon’s benefic aspect to Jupiter.

Midweek and midmonth, Wednesday the 14th,, is a friendly day for brainstorming new ideas. If you are researching a project, dive deep and be open to discovery. Join with friends and colleagues for generative conversations.

Thursday is an active day full of aspects, mostly positive. Get up and go and get your glow on. Be imaginative and creative. The day sparkles with good energy. Mars enters Pisces tropically, softening our desires. Incorporate swimming into your exercise routine.

Get Ready for Mercury Retrograde Toward Week’s End

Expect some wobbly, shifting energy on Friday. Venus moves direct after a six-week retrograde stay. Mercury is stationary, turning retrograde. A planet’s energy is particularly strong when it stations, changing direction. With Venus direct, we will now be in a more balanced place around money and purchases. With Mercury retrograde, it’s now time to reflect, rethink, renovate and revise for the next three weeks. The Moon is in Pisces, stirring aspirations and inspiration. Lots of shifting planetary activity makes for an active Friday that may not go exactly as planned.

Saturday is a soft, dreamy day. Allow yourself to sleep in and get plenty of rest. Be gentle with yourself and engage in something creative. Paint, dance, make a collage or write poetry. Make it an easy, inspiring, creative day.

In strong contrast to yesterday, the Moon bounces into fire sign Aries on Sunday morning at 7:56am PST. Start your morning with vim and vigor and get moving. Get some strong, feel-good physical exercise. Lean into your goals and projects and give them the works.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Serious, productive work day.

Monday: Powerful, productive work day. Set out to get a lot accomplished.

Tuesday: Unexpected problems can be handled brilliantly.

Wednesday: Good day for brainstorming new ideas and solutions; include friends and colleagues.

Thursday: Get up and go, and get your glow on.

Friday: Venus turns direct. Mercury turns retrograde. Shifting, energies activate creativity and dreams.

Saturday: Dreamy, inspiring day. Be creative.

Sunday: The day offers a lot of vim and vigor. Get moving!

Monday: The work week gets off to a healthy, energetic start. The Mars-Jupiter square gives us gifts of confidence and courage.

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Published on: November 12, 2018

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