A Bountiful Gemini Full Moon Highlights Blessings, Abundance & Harmony

Published on November 19, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Astrology Forecast for November 19–25, 2018

Enjoy another few days of repose before the Sun bounces into Sagittarius on Thursday, November 22, Thanksgiving Day, and the holiday season begins. Jupiter has just shifted into its ruling sign Sagittarius tropically for a one-year stay, where it will be uplifting and well-functioning. Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages us to expand our knowledge through travel, study and adventure. Think about how you might expand your belief systems and engage in new explorations of Sagittarian themes such as philosophy, religion, metaphysics and exploration of other cultures. Mercury just turned retrograde for three weeks until December 6. It is now time to review, revise, renegotiate and reorganize.

The Week Starts with Energy for Courage and Confidence

The workweek gets off to a strong and energetic start on Monday with the Moon in cardinal, action-oriented Aries. The planetary signature of the day is a feisty Mars-Jupiter square. The best of this energy gives courage and confidence in such strong force that powerful changes could be made, and new directions could emerge.

Moon conjunct Uranus is the aspect of the day on Tuesday, symbolizing reversals, change and surprise. Shortly after this exact conjunction, at 3:43pm PST, the Moon moves into Taurus, its place of exaltation, or highest functioning. Feast with the gods in the evening. Enjoy good food, wine and music, and of course, good company in a beautiful setting.

A lot can be accomplished on Wednesday against the backdrop of an exalted Taurus Moon that makes a flowing trine to Saturn, the planet that symbolizes work and accomplishment. A benefic lunar aspect to Neptune uplifts and inspires us. We find beauty in our work and jobs well done as we prepare for the holidays ahead.

A Sagittarian Sun + Gemini Full Moon Usher in Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day Thursday is buoyed by the Sun’s entry into Sagittarius tropically, and is lit up by a Full Moon in Gemini. This year the transition of the Sun into exuberant, party-loving Sagittarius exactly lines up with Thanksgiving, which ushers in the holiday season through the New Year. Jupiter is conjunct the Sun, opposite the Moon, amplifying the energy of this Full Moon. Transformative Pluto makes benefic aspects to the Full Moon, increasing its power. The only caution in this Full Moon is to not be excessive—in communication, food, drink, and just about anything. Wisdom is the best of jovial Jupiter’s gifts. Mars makes a challenging square to the Sun and Moon, keeping things in check. Don’t push the river, and all will be well.

Challenging energies abound on Friday. Give and take in communication. Check information twice. Edit your work carefully.

Shift Focus to New Dreams this Weekend

Neptune turns stationary direct on Saturday after a five-month retrograde spin since June 20. We can now turn toward new dreams. The Moon makes benefic aspects to Venus and Jupiter, amplifying positive energies and attainment of goals.

On Sunday, at the end of the holiday weekend, we welcome the energetic energy of a Moon-Mars trine. This is helpful for undertaking the numerous household tasks that need to be accomplished. A Moon-Saturn opposition asks us to tend to our duties and responsibilities. The Sun is conjunct Jupiter, giving vitality, buoyancy and optimism. After a productive day, we can relax into an inspired, joyful evening.

The Week in Short

Monday: The workweek gets off to a healthy, energetic start. The Mars-Jupiter square gives us gifts of confidence and courage.

Tuesday: Expect surprises and reversals. Enjoy good food and good company in an exquisite evening.

Wednesday: Honor the beauty in your work and get a lot accomplished.

Thursday: An exuberant, gregarious, blessed Thanksgiving Day! Sun into Sagittarius. Full Moon in Gemini gives maximum light and wisdom.

Friday: Challenging day! Check information at least twice, and edit your work carefully.

Saturday: Neptune turns retrograde. Energetic day to get a lot accomplished.

Sunday: After a productive work day, relax into an inspired evening.

Monday: Contentious, irritable, edgy day. Think twice, or three times, before responding.

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Published on: November 19, 2018

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