New Moon in Libra: Time to Set Intentions & Improve Relationships

Published on October 7, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 7–14, 2018

This week begins with a New Moon at 15:48 Libra on Monday evening (exact at 8:47pm PDT). New Moons are opportunities to set intentions for the month ahead in the area that it symbolizes. In this case, Libra symbolizes relationships and partnerships. The Sun makes an edgy, action-oriented square aspect to Pluto, perfecting on Thursday, October 11, yet influencing the entire week. While it can make us prone to power struggles, the aspect can also empower us to stand up for ourselves, and to tackle issues, particularly relationship issues, and projects that need a big push. From a sidereal perspective, Jupiter moves into Scorpio on Thursday, where it has resided from a tropical perspective since October 11, 2017. We may encounter experiences calling us to use our higher wisdom for transformation. Our current political climate is certainly full of opportunities.

The Week Begins with Buoyant Energy

Sunday the Virgo Moon is Void of Course (VoC) all day, making it a perfect day to attend to the myriad tasks that need to be done. At 6:10pm PDT the Moon enters Libra tropically. The Moon is dark, calling us to withdraw from the world to focus on finishing things. After a productive weekend, relax with your beloved or a close companion and enjoy an elegant dinner.

Employ the Moon-Mars trine Monday morning for an energetic start to the week ahead. Start the day with yoga or other exercise. The Moon conjoins the Sun Monday evening to form a New Moon at 15:48 Libra. Since Libra is concerned with partnerships and marriage, and Venus has just turned retrograde, we are called to improve relationships and express more love, especially in close partnerships.

The Moon is VoC all day on Tuesday, so put your focus on routine, insignificant tasks rather than on meetings, initiatives and decisions. Mercury enters Scorpio tropically until October 31, inviting us into deep conversations. We may experience surprising revelations Tuesday evening, as the Moon opposes Uranus.

Expect Power Struggles as Edgy Energy Hits Midweek

Wednesday is an active, edgy day, full of challenges and potential. The Scorpio Moon enables us to dive deeply into matters of concern. A Mercury-Uranus opposition may help us discover brilliant ideas through generative conversations. A Venus-Mars square may present money/financial concerns.

Jupiter Moves into Scorpio Toward Week’s End, Signaling Transformation

The Moon conjuncts Jupiter, continuing in deep-feeling Scorpio on Thursday. The Sun perfects a square to Pluto, highlighting power struggles as well as constructive uses of power. This energy rings true especially for Thursday, but influences this entire week. Juno stations retrograde, further highlighting issues in marriage and partnership, which it symbolizes. While Jupiter has been in Scorpio tropically for a long time (since October 11, 2017), on Thursday Jupiter moves into Scorpio from a sidereal point of view (until November 4, 2019). From the point of view of Vedic astrology, Jupiter will change its focus in your life for the next year. Jupiter is happier in Scorpio than in Libra, but Scorpio is the sign of transformation, and there may be conditions and opportunities that arise that require you to use your higher wisdom to transform your life in the coming year.

The Moon transitions out of the deep, dark waters of Scorpio overnight Thursday and bounces into Sagittarius Friday morning to light the way for an adventurous weekend. Bounce out of bed Friday and start the day with exercise, preferably in the outdoors. Mercury makes a benefic aspect to Saturn. If there is writing or speaking on your “to do” list, this would be an excellent day to work on it.

The Weekend is Set for Relaxation

While we may feel a bit lazy about getting out of bed on Saturday, and want to catch some extra dream time, once we get going the day is buoyant and sunny. We are invigorated for adventure, travel and learning. Make it a fun, social evening with good company.

The Moon is VoC Sunday morning until 12:17pm PDT, so you may as well linger over breakfast and enjoy a leisurely read of the Sunday paper. While you have experienced a playful weekend, at 12:17pm PDT the Moon goes into Capricorn tropically, and it’s then time to get to work. The Moon’s conjunction with Saturn draws us to our responsibilities even more so by early evening. Plan your workweek ahead, and get a jump-start on your tasks and goals. An evening Moon-Uranus trine draws out your intuition, which can serve as a guide for what is most pressing, and this aspect may offer up a few surprises as well.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Virgo Moon VoC all day until 6:10pm PDT. Attend to tasks on your list not requiring decisions. Enjoy an elegant dinner with close companions.

Monday: Make an energetic start to the workweek. New Moon in Libra. Set intentions to improve relationships.

Tuesday: Moon VoC all day, so focus on routine tasks. Surprising revelations later in the day are possible.

Wednesday: Active, edgy day full of challenges and potential.

Thursday: Power struggles may emerge; use your personal power wisely.

Friday: Bounce out of bed and get some exercise, preferably outdoors. Good day for writing and communicating.

Saturday: Adventurous day for exploration and a fun, social evening.

Sunday; Moon VoC in the morning. After 12:17pm PDT, plan the week ahead and lean into your work.

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Published on: October 7, 2018

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