Pluto Turns Direct, Signaling Major Change & Transformation

Published on October 1, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for September 30–October 7, 2018

This week’s big event is that Pluto turns direct in motion on Sunday, September 30, after a five-month retrograde spin. It will remain direct until April 23, 2019. We can now move forward with change and transformation. With Pluto moving direct, Venus turning retrograde October 5, and Venus moving toward its star point on October 25, sexual and relational secrets and indiscretions may continue to be revealed on the world stage.

Venus turns retrograde on Friday, October 5, for a six-week backward spin. Venus symbolizes love and money, offering an opportunity to focus more deeply on our values regarding love and money, to clear interpersonal debris and misunderstandings, and to set intentions concerning finances and relationships. Venus is in Libra for the next four months from a sidereal perspective. Venus in Libra is in its dignity, or in its own sign, and it can bring harmony, happiness and good fortune with relationships and finances.

There is a great deal of void Moon time again this week, occurring most of the day Sunday the 30th, Wednesday, Friday evening, and Sunday the 7th, so plan accordingly. When the Moon is Void of Course (VoC), attend to routine, inconsequential tasks and don’t waste your time on meetings or situations calling for connections and decisions.

Energy is Amplified as Pluto Turns Direct on Sunday

Sunday’s big event is Pluto turning direct in motion after five months in retrograde motion, since April 23. When a planet stations to turn direction its energy is amplified. In Pluto’s case, this energy is powerful change and transformation. Sunday is the last day of the month, aligned with this big planetary shift in motion. Pluto goes direct at 18:45 Capricorn, and will march forward until April 23, 2019, when it will next retrograde at 23:09 Capricorn. The Moon is VoC all day Sunday from 8:38am PDT through Monday morning. Stay focused on routine tasks.

The workweek starts slowly on Monday, with a VoC Moon in mutable Gemini until 11:00am PDT. Then the Moon moves into action-oriented water sign Cancer tropically. In its ruling sign, the Cancer Moon normally likes to cozy into comfort. However, Saturn opposes the Moon and is demanding and emotionally restrictive. The afternoon and evening may be challenging. Meet the difficult energy with hard work, and attend to responsibility.

Watch Out for Some Emotional Intensity Midweek

Tuesday is likely to be an emotionally volatile day, though it is mixed with benefic and challenging aspects. The morning holds the benefic aspects, so may be smoother, while the afternoon and evening hold the challenging aspects. A Mercury-Pluto square encourages us to have honest conversations and to get to the bottom of issues.

The Moon is VoC for much of Wednesday until 2:12pm PDT, when it moves into enthusiastic Leo. During this void period, attend to routine tasks and avoid significant meetings or activities requiring decisions. The evening is playful and creative; the Moon-Uranus square may take off course and bring something surprising.

Thursday’s Moon in Leo highlights creative, pleasurable activities. Make it a fun day and get some Sun.

The Weekend’s Virgo Moon Highlights Productivity and Order

Friday’s feature news is Venus turning retrograde at 10:50 Scorpio until November 16, when it turns direct at 25:15 Libra. This period gives us a window of attention to review and rethink relationships and finances. Friday the Leo Moon is VoC all day until 4:19pm PDT, so again give this day to routine, insignificant tasks, and avoid meetings and things requiring decisions. In the evening, the Virgo Moon forms a grand earth trine with Saturn and Uranus. To make up for lost time this week during the Moon’s long VoC periods—and to make the most of the efficient, industrious Virgo Moon—you may want to make Friday evening a productive work evening, rather than relaxing at the end of the workweek.

Saturday is a productive day for putting your life in order under the light of the Virgo Moon. However, The Moon’s benefic sextile to Venus and opposition to Venus call for some inspiration while you work. Play an inspiring playlist and dance your way through your tasks.

Again Sunday the Virgo Moon is VoC all day, making it a perfect day to attend to the myriad tasks that need to be done. At 6:10pm PDT, the Moon enters Libra tropically. The Moon is dark, calling us to withdraw from the world to focus on finishing things. After a productive weekend, relax with your beloved or a close companion and enjoy an elegant dinner.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Pluto stations turning direct. Powerful day, but Moon is VoC all day, so stay focused on routine tasks.

Monday: Slow start with the Moon VoC until 11:00am PDT. The rest of the day is demanding and challenging, and holds us to our responsibilities.

Tuesday: Emotionally volatile day, more so in the afternoon. Engage in honest conversations.

Wednesday: Attend to routine tasks while the Moon is VoC until 2:12pm PDT. Open to a playful, surprising evening.

Thursday: Create a day of fun and pleasure—and get some sunshine.

Friday: Venus turns retrograde until November 16. Moon VoC all day until 4:19pm PDT. Make it a productive work evening doing something you love to do.

Saturday: Put your life in order and whistle while you work.

Sunday: Virgo Moon VoC all day until 6:10pm PDT. Tackle the tasks on your list. Enjoy an elegant dinner with close companions.

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Published on: October 1, 2018

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