Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for September 10–17, 2017

Published on September 10, 2017

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

The Great Solar Eclipse energy continues to provoke big events. Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida, and is one of the most powerful hurricanes in history. The past week unfolded its fury and volatility, powered by the Full Moon in Pisces at midweek, conjunct Neptune. Pisces is a mutable water sign, ruled by Neptune. The symbolism in this Full Moon was strongly linked to excessive water issues, so the hurricane parade is not surprising. Meanwhile, there are large, intense fires near Portland and in the Montana-Wyoming area, the latter so vast that smoke has carried across the middle third of the upper United States. Ethiopia is in the midst of the worst drought in history. The powerful elements of Water, Wind, Fire and Earth are raging out of control in many spots in the world. Political chaos continues with President Trump’s announcement of the shut-down of DACA, and the volatility of North Korea.

Saturn and Mercury are now direct, though Mercury is in its shadow phase until September 19, still operating somewhat like a retrograde Mercury. So, continue to exercise care when making appointments and commitments, and be understanding with mix-ups. The Sun continues in practical Earth sign Virgo, joined by Mercury (exalted in Virgo) and Mars. This strong dose of Virgo energy enables us to handle the extreme weather patterns and emotional volatility. It is available to help us plan and organize, and take care of business. The week ahead is graced by a Venus-Saturn trine and a Venus-Jupiter trine, aspects that can help us make good choices and good decisions. There may be a few nice surprises in the coming week, rewarding our efforts.

Powerful Energy Starts the Week Off Right

Sunday, the Taurus Moon eases us into a golden day. The Moon joins Pallas Athena and forms a Grand Trine with the Sun and Pluto, a powerful combination. In the face of any challenge, we will feel capable and confident; and we can manage life well. Celebrate this day by treating your senses to delicious food, inspiring music, sweet smells and beauty, and touch someone you love.

Expect a slow, undefined start on Monday morning, as the Moon is Void of Course (VoC) until 12:20pm PDT. Hopefully you haven’t scheduled any Monday morning meetings of consequence. Attend to routine tasks until the Moon moves into Gemini at 12:29pm PDT. Then it is time to connect, make calls and answer email. Lunar squares to Mercury and Mars make for a restless, unsettling afternoon and evening. When the Moon is in Gemini, you may as well be doing several things at once and allow for a few distractions, as will be our natural tendency.

Midweek is All About Business, Boundaries and Possibilities

The Gemini Moon stirs our curiosity from Tuesday through Wednesday afternoon. These are chatty, congenial days, when conversation with almost anyone comes easy. These days are colored with an exact benefic trine between Venus and Saturn. This symbolism helps us attend to financial business. It may be time to rebalance accounts or carefully consider a purchase. It could be a good time to buy a car or make another big purchase or investment. This fire trine linking the planets of love and commitment creates good energy for renegotiating relationships and renewing commitments.

Wednesday morning’s benefic lunar aspects to Jupiter and Venus add optimism and sweetness. However, a Sun-Saturn square sets boundaries and keeps us accountable. Wednesday also has a VoC Moon from 11:35am to 3:12pm PDT, so focus on routine tasks during that time, rather than meetings or connections that will not be likely to produce good results. At 3:12pm the Moon slips into Cancer, the zodiac sign that symbolizes home and family. Cook some comfort food for dinner and cozy up in conversation with those near and dear.

Thursday is buoyed by a number of benefic aspects, making for a splendid day full of vision and possibility (Venus conjunct North Node and trine Eris; Moon trine Neptune and sextile Mars). The Moon opposes Pluto, which could generate some emotional volatility, but could also provoke action and empower you to take big leaps forward with your aims and goals.

The Planets Demand You Make it an Early Weekend

Friday’s offerings are mixed. A Venus-Jupiter sextile encourages positive outcomes. However, a Moon-Uranus square may deliver some surprises and emotional drama. Another four-hour Void Moon period emerges from 2:23pm through 6:09pm PDT. You may as well wind down your work week early; do not try to get too much accomplished in this window. Get ready to shift into a fun weekend. The Moon arrives in sunny Leo at 6:09pm, and then it is time to party! Do something unusual (in the light of the Moon-Uranus square) and have a vibrant, fun evening.

The Weekend is Time for an Adventure

Saturday and Sunday the Moon remains in Leo, highlighting children, play and creativity. On Saturday, Mercury conjuncts Mars in Virgo, with the Sun shining in Virgo as well. This all brings practical mental energy for detailed planning and organizing. Plan an adventure or a home-improvement project, and be sure to make the work fun. We are in the transitional part of the year, as we shift from summer to fall, from mutable/changeable Virgo to cardinal/action-oriented Libra. In a few days around September 22, the Autumn Equinox starts a new three-month season. This weekend holds good planning energy for three months ahead.

Amazing things could happen on this golden Sunday. Benefic aspects abound, including a Venus-Uranus trine. The Moon joins Venus, and makes good aspects to Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus. With all this generous, positive energy, grounded by the Sun, Mars and Mercury in get-it-done Virgo, this day could be awesome. Try something new, keep it fun and creative, and expect at least one sweet surprise.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Golden day! Powerful Grand Earth Trine! Celebrate your senses.

Monday: Slow start with Moon VoC until 12:20pm PDT. Then the Gemini Moon fosters connection and conversation.

Tuesday: Chatty, congenial, curious day. Rebalance finances or relationships.

Wednesday: Focus on routine tasks while Moon is VoC 11:35am–3:12pm. Cook some comfort food for dinner and cozy up with family for the evening.

Thursday: Splendid day full of vision and possibility, though perhaps emotionally challenging.

Friday: Mixed planetary offerings with probable positive outcomes. Moon VoC 2:23pm–6:09pm. Then let the good times roll!

Saturday: Good day for planning and organizing, but make it fun.

Sunday: Another golden Sunday. Wonderful, perhaps amazing things could happen.

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Published on: September 10, 2017

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