Venus in Scorpio Brings Passion, Love, Power & Money

Published on September 10, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for September 9–17, 2018

Saturn moved into direct motion last Thursday, September 6. With the Sun in Virgo, forming a New Moon in Virgo on Sunday, September 9, and Saturn direct, it is time to get to work: Tidy up your house, revitalize your exercise regimen and clean up your diet. Virgo likes to keep the body, mind and spirit lean, clean and efficient. We can effectively move forward with our work projects and demands.

Practical Energy Grounds a Volatile Week

Thank goodness for this practical energy in Virgo and Capricorn to keep us grounded this week, as it’s a volatile one. Venus is opposite Uranus and square the Moon’s nodes. Mars is conjunct the south Node, and squares Venus and Uranus. This combination is dynamic, testy, shaky and dangerous, so move through your week carefully and with attention and caution. Slow down, think twice and do not take risks. This volatile energy can also be creative. Stir up some new forms of fun and do things differently. Relationships may be tested; new ones may emerge suddenly and surprisingly.

Again this week the two beneficial trine aspects that have been noted the last two weeks are still with us, coloring our world with good energy and possibilities: Jupiter-Neptune (Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces), and Saturn-Uranus (Uranus in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn). Jupiter-Neptune is an uplifting, visionary, artistic aspect, though Jupiter is beginning to pull away, dissipating this energy by the end of the week.

We still have the two trines of Jupiter and Neptune, and Saturn and Uranus, enabling new developments to be formed and built. The Sun forms a trine with Pluto, giving us the power to transform. An arc of sextiles: Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio, and the Sun in Virgo, give opportunities. Be ready to seize them!

The Week Begins with a Virgo New Moon & Venus in Scorpio

Sunday sports a New Moon in Virgo, a powerful message to get your life in order. Neptune’s opposition to the New Moon expands your vision—if you allow your imagination to soar. Pluto’s trine to the New Moon in Virgo gives power to accomplish many things on your project list. Venus shifts into Scorpio tropically until October 9. Passion is stirred for love and money during this next month.

Relationships are the focus of the Libra Moon on Monday, yet interpersonal relations may be testy, as the Moon-conjunct-Ceres forms a tense T-square to Chiron and Saturn. Mars shifts into Aquarius tropically, and continues in a challenging square to Venus and Uranus. Balance and satisfaction will likely be difficult to attain. Go with the flow, meet the challenges, and be kind and compassionate.

Confidence and Courage Fuel Accomplishment Early in the Week

On Tuesday, the powerful Virgo Sun makes a benefic trine to Pluto and a benefic sextile to Jupiter. These aspects give confidence, courage and tremendous energy for accomplishment—and even perhaps some good luck. However, the Libra Moon squares Pluto, shaking the ground and creating disharmony. We may feel testy, irritable and volatile, though the Libra Moon will help us stay kind and work toward resolution.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the Moon dives deep into the emotional waters of Scorpio. Wednesday is chock-full of planetary aspects, both benefic and challenging, which will make for an eventful day. Pluto is exactly sextile Jupiter, which could bode well for building and boosting financial matters or boosting any new and challenging endeavor. The Scorpio Moon conjuncts Venus, and these conjunct planets make an exact opposition to Uranus, bringing up issues having to do with love and money. This tense opposition is amplified by its square to Mars and the South Node. Although the day is tense, at the same time it is ripe with possibility, creativity and surprise. Be active, engaged and open, and see what this day brings.

A Jupiter-Moon conjunction on Thursday should contribute to a positive day. Mercury opposes Neptune, so no matter what happens, we may not see it clearly. This is not a day for making significant decisions. Stay positive and visionary.

Expect Positive, Expansive Energy This Weekend

Friday the Moon is Void of Course (VoC) all day. This is not a good day for meetings, connections or decisions. Stick to routine, insignificant tasks until the Moon enters sunny Sagittarius at 5:45pm PDT, when energy shifts dramatically and our spirits soar. Friday evening’s planetary energy is good for a social get-together, a welcome relief to the intense past few days.

The Sagittarius Moon continues to color the weekend with sunshine and optimism, making Saturday a great day for a hike or bike ride. A Mercury-Pluto trine gives an interest in investigation, digging deeply into problems and figuring out resolutions. Settle into a fun, lazy, social evening.

We are full of expansive ideas on this sunny Sunday. Make the most of this buoyant day. Expand your mind by reading something new that carries you into another world—geographically or philosophically. Get prepared for the week ahead in the afternoon, as the Moon goes VoC at 4:15pm PDT, and it will be more difficult to make definitive decisions after this time. Relax in the evening and do something fun. The energy shifts on Monday, and the week ahead will be demanding.

Step into a strong workday Monday, with the Moon conjunct Saturn in hardworking, driven earth sign Capricorn. The Moon-Saturn conjunction makes a benefic trine to Uranus; we could expect something surprising, electric and unique in our work. In the evening, the Moon forms a benefic trine to Pallas Athena, highlighting independence and the arts.

The Week in Short

Sunday: New Moon in Virgo. Power through your task list. Venus into Scorpio.

Monday: Relationships are the focus, but they may be testy. Seek balance and be kind.

Tuesday: Courage and confidence give energy for accomplishment, yet energy is testy and volatile.

Wednesday: Tense day, yet ripe with possibility, creativity and surprise.

Thursday: Positive day, though we may not see clearly. Not a day for decisions.

Friday: Moon VoC all day until 5:45pm PDT. Attend to routine, insignificant tasks. After 5:45pm PDT, make it a fun, social evening.

Saturday: In the light of sunshine and optimism, go for a hike.

Sunday: Buoyant day for expanding your mind.

Monday: Demanding workday with an element of surprise.

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Published on: September 10, 2018

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