Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for November 18–26, 2017

Published on November 28, 2017

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

On Saturday, November 18, the New Moon is at 26 degrees of Scorpio. Scorpio symbolizes dying. In the darkness of the Scorpio New Moon, we are called to look at what is stagnant or stuck in our lives, what we want to let go or die, and how we want to regenerate. This New Moon calls for a deep look at what needs to be changed and transformed in our lives. Savor the inner quietude of the Sun in Scorpio for a few more days until the Sun moves into Sagittarius on Tuesday, bringing on the glow of the holidays.

The Mars-Pluto square, exact on Sunday, is a big theme this week. This is dynamic but turbulent energy. Tempers can flare. However, these roiling energies can also be oriented positively through vigorous exercise or hard work on difficult projects. Thankfully, there is a lot of benefic energy to offset this ebullient, demanding alignment, which begins to wane after its crescendo on Sunday.

The New Moon in Scorpio Calls for Rebirth

A New Moon at 26 degrees of Scorpio heralds a new lunar cycle on Saturday. Scorpio symbolizes dying. In the darkness of the Scorpio New Moon, we are called to look at what is ready to die and pass away from our lives, and what is calling for rebirth. Death, sex and taxes are Scorpio themes, and there have been plenty of stories in the news covering these themes: tax reforms, mass shootings and truths revealed about sexual harassment in the workplace. Relationships and finances are areas of focus calling for pruning to spur new growth. Saturday’s slow start results from a Void of Course (VoC) Moon until it bounces into sunny Sagittarius at 10:59am PST. Then we are called to adventure. Take a late autumn bike ride or road trip, or travel in your mind and learn something new. Saturday evening is staged for a party.

Sunday is a tempestuous day as a result of an exact Mars-Pluto square. It would be best to start this day with intense exercise to burn off the tension, and to invigorate ourselves. Then lean into a demanding project. If tempers flare, stay cool. The day is volatile, and yet we can use this dynamic energy to power through something challenging and worthy of our great efforts.

Creativity and Optimism are Themes Early in the Week

The Moon in Sagittarius highlights the Saturn-Uranus trine on Monday. This a major aspect that gives us the ability to ground and to work on our creative ideas and opportunities. The Moon makes a benefic trine to Uranus midday, opening us to innovation and amazement. A few hours later the Moon combines with Saturn, reining in our optimism, but giving us self-discipline for getting some things accomplished. However, this Saturn-Moon conjunction signals the beginning of a VoC Moon evening. Turn your attention after 4:26pm PST to routine tasks and things already set in motion during this VoC period.

Tuesday sparkles with benefic aspects that help offset the serious, taciturn energy of the Capricorn Moon. The Sun ingresses into Sagittarius in the evening, delivering vision, optimism and celebration for the next month. This is a day to dream big and look forward to the holidays—while you attend to the work at hand.

Neptune governs Wednesday’s themes as it stations turning direct. When a planet turns direct in motion, its symbolism is amplified. Neptune symbolizes vision, imagination, idealism and compassion. The hardworking Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and squares Mars. Neptune softens the hard edges of this dynamic day and reminds us of the bigger picture and what is of lasting importance.

Expect Harmonious Energy Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving Day is a friendly day with Moon in Aquarius, the perfect backdrop for a holiday gathering with friends and family. Mars is a pulling away from its tense square with Pluto—easing up on the tense energy—and leaving us with a lightness, curiosity and detachment.

Black Friday is the first one in three years that we do not have a VoC Moon, so unlike the last two years, it is a fine and free-spirited day to shop or hang out with friends. The only negative is a Moon-Jupiter square, which may lead to over-expenditures or excess eating. So, get yesterday’s hedonism behind you: one day is enough.

Inspiration Abounds this Weekend

Saturday sports a brilliant Mercury-Uranus trine. Insights and great ideas abound! Seize them. In addition, the day is mixed with mostly positive aspects. With the Moon in detached air sign Aquarius, we will not be encumbered. This is a day for friendship and generative conversations. Relax Saturday evening into a fun dinner with friends, as the Moon is VoC starting at 6:37pm PST.

Sunday is soft and dreamy. The day glows with inspiration, creativity and happiness. Use this beautiful, expansive energy to make your home merry and bright for the holiday season.

The Week in Short

Saturday: Slow start (Moon VoC) until 10:59am. Then set out for an adventure. Make it a party night.

Sunday: Challenging, tempestuous day. Exercise vigorously, and work on a demanding project. Mind your tongue and temper.

Monday: Creative, innovative, amazing day. Self-discipline can help get some things accomplished.

Tuesday: Dream big and attend to the work at hand.

Wednesday: Neptune stations and softens the hard edges of a dynamic day.

Thursday: Friendly day for sharing with friends and family—and for giving thanks!

Friday: Free-spirited day to shop or hang out with friends. Watch tendencies to overspend and overeat.

Saturday: Insights and great ideas abound.

Sunday: Beautiful, inspiring day. Make your home merry and bright.

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Published on: November 28, 2017

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