What to Expect from the Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the Century

Published on July 20, 2018

Article by Naima Abdi

Are you ready to do some deep soul searching? With the powerful energy of the Full Blood Moon and total lunar eclipse on Friday, July 27, 2018, plus another partial New Moon solar eclipse on Saturday, August 11, 2018, things are about to get real—which makes it the perfect time for serious introspection and profound transformation.

What Makes an Eclipse Special?

In the realm of astrology, eclipses are the radical change makers of the cosmos. They often create havoc and tension to expose aspects of our lives and in the world that need to be transformed. From relationships and health to career, the government and even our spirituality, eclipses magnify obstacles as well as opportunities in our path, pushing us to grow and release all that no longer serves us. The abrupt nature of an eclipse is usually associated with some amount of discomfort—especially if you’ve become complacent or resistant to change. But regardless of how it shows up, your best move is to remain open and surrender to the cosmic forces that be with gratitude for leading you closer toward your highest good.

Typically, eclipses come in pairs: a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. Yet this 2018 summer eclipse season, we’ll experience a total of three: July 13, July 27 and August 11. You might be asking, What exactly happens during an eclipse? When a solar eclipse occurs, the New Moon temporarily blocks our view of the Sun from the Earth.

If this happens in the daytime, prepare to be blown away by a fleeting glimpse of the Sun completely obstructed by the Moon’s shadow. Symbolically, solar eclipses signal new beginnings and a rebirth from the old, comfortable and familiar. It’s an ideal period to set purposeful intentions, branch out and actively work to create your reality using the power of your thoughts and actions to manifest a genuine shift.

At the tail end of this expansive cycle, a lunar eclipse will occur on the Full Moon. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth moves between the Moon and the Sun, preventing most of the Sun’s light from reflecting onto the Moon. The effect causes the Sun’s light to be refracted, or bent, by the Earth’s atmosphere, making the Moon appear reddish in color—hence, this phenomenon is called a Blood Moon.

Astrologically, lunar eclipses represent a pivotal moment to receive blessings and lessons in all forms—even the ones disguised as challenges or truths we think we aren’t fully ready to accept. It’s also a potent time to connect with our emotions and let go of all that limits us from being our best selves and living our best lives.

Why is the Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27, 2018 Important?

As the longest lunar eclipse of the century, the total phase of this Blood Moon will last 1 hour and 43 minutes, giving us more time to feel its energetic effects. While the eclipse is active, the Moon will be in the sign of Aquarius, highlighting spontaneity and the need to break the status quo for the benefit of the collective. Generally speaking, Aquarians aren’t known to follow the herd; they do things on their own terms and inspire others to do the same. As the 11th sign of the zodiac, Aquarius rules over the house of friendships, giving them a natural ability to connect with others from all walks of life.

It’s a fixed air sign, which makes Aquarians uplifting and undeniably intellectual people. But at times they can be very intense and highly emotional without much warning. As the eclipse draws nearer, these energies will come into sharper focus, challenging us to look within, assess who we are, and how we want to show up in the world. With this eclipse, there’s also an emphasis on understanding that though we’re individuals, we’re all a part of something much greater than ourselves and we have a responsibility to live in a way that upholds that truth.

Unfortunately, this rare celestial event won’t be visible from North America, except via live-streaming webcasts. If weather permits, much of the eastern hemisphere is expected to see all or part of this magnificent Blood Moon lunar eclipse.

Still, just because it won’t be visible where you are doesn’t mean the influence of this eclipse will be any less powerful. So, remember to embrace the changes and challenges to come, as they’re here to ground you, making you stronger and wiser than before.

Published on: July 20, 2018

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